Angina, what is it like, how frequent can you have attacks?

I have be having chest pains for a while now. The doctor done an ECG which be not totally normal but nothing to verbs about, he sent me for a cholesterol test, which come up high 7.1. I have a few chronic illnesses which make it difficult to exercise. I have tried low aerobic they do sometimes bring on a pain contained by my chest high and slightly to the left, dull pain in my back and also the gone side of my neck. I can get the distress also while just sitting. These can happen a few times surrounded by a day, I also get style of tingling down my left arm. The pain is not severe. The doctor asked me if I get breathless, I get times when I don't feel I enjoy enough air surrounded by my lungs and have to take philosophical breaths but not out of breath. Any comments would be appreciated. I am 44 and my grandmother had heart problems. My father died at 40 not of heart disease so I don't know if he would own developed anything. Would angina be really painful? How many times within a day could you have an attack? How long could it final ?

Answer:    Angina is exactly like the symptoms you describe. and it's a horrid, 'hostile' pain.

It comes on when you exert yourself and the heart requirements more blood but can't get it. And then it go away when you revert to rest.
If you can induce it on a regular basis by stress-rest-stress- rest testing, after it's very compelling evidence.
Of course, breathlessness is another sign, because if the organs aren't getting enough oxygen they'll produce the heart pump faster and harder, and so the cycle continues.

Pretty well the clinching test is to determine whether a TNT spray below your tongue when the pain comes on, relieves it. Ask your doctor for one.

How many times a hours of daylight? No fixed number. At its worst, mine was about 20. At best, something like 5. That's what made me say (in 1992) "Enough!" and I decided the power of life was so poor that I'd own a by-pass .
It was the wisest decision I've ever made..
Angina, by itself, is not a disease. It is symptomatic of arterial disease. You can own angina attacks for many years. The best approach is to actively change your lifestyle to support arterial health--eating green vegetables, walking, lowering the amount of stress surrounded by your life. If you still have doubts coppers the doctor and get a second opinion and own a thorough check up to rule out all the possibilities. By medicines you can cure, I reflect
I had the same problem and I am taking medicine and I am 63 years of age.Nothing to worry.
Do not confuse yourself by a moment ago thinking about your father and grand father and great distinguished father.
This Patient Guide is written for the loved ones of heart patients who are dealing with the short-term stress that comes with a audition, procedure or recent diagnosis of heart disease. It explains why support is so important to a loved one with heart disease. It also offer practical strategies on how to support a loved one while also taking care of yourself. Obviously your doctor doesn't think within is anything wrong with your heart. If you really want to know, then enjoy a stress test..
Obviously your doctor doesn't think near is anything wrong with your heart. If you really want to know, then enjoy a stress test. I have an antiquated friend who had this since she was born. Her angina could flare up at any time, and yes it is sore, like an anxiety attack only scarier, coz you don't know if your heart is going to quit hurting contained by a good way (you live) or a desperate way (you die.) If you are used to the angina, you stop thinking that way, but if you be young at first like she be, it is scarier.

What she did was exercise and mostly eat right. She does hold some other health issues that make it intricate to exercise, so sometimes she just does a walk, and also tries to keep hold of calm maybe next to some music or writing or art, and never overdo exercise the way a typically healthy being might. That way she doesn't have the repercussions of lots of doctors and hospital bills or worrying her own flesh and blood.

It is difficult not to be anxious sometimes with this disease, and worse on a "worrywart" so do try not to mull over of the bad things, but get up looking forward to a waddle or a yard duty or something, and don't think to yourself "I must sit down today at some point" but instead assume "It may be fun to go online today at some point; what if I read something cheerful?"

A doctor will have to lend a hand you understand any other questions or concerns you enjoy.

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