Anne Boleyn Rh factor and miscarriages?

Does anyone know if any tests own been done to see if Anne Boleyn had unenthusiastic Rh and Henry had positive Rh? If this were the baggage then her first child (Elizabeth, I) would have be a healthy birth and any subsequent children would have be stillborn or miscarried. She had 1or2 stillborn after Elizabeth and a 4month male miscarriage since her death. Does this sound pretty good?

Answer:    that actually makes severely good logical sense, because after her first child she would have be sensitized to the rh factor and produce anti-rh antibodies which would've attacked future fetuses.

Whether the facts are true or not, I have no view.
Some of her biographers, including Anne Somerset have suggested that Anne Boleyn's rh factor did contribute to her miscarriages. But I do not believe that any formal testing be ever done on her remains. Too bad they didn't have blood test back then, it would hold been neat to find out adjectives of these answers.

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