Anthrax.. Help!?

Explain why it is not common to inoculate cattle against anthrax but rare to vaccinate humans.

Answer:    You are the third being to ask this question...homework, huh? Here is the same answer I posted on the other two...

Cows are NOT routinely vaccinate for anthrax. Some states suggest it, though because Clostridium anthracis grows better in certain places (like those states) incentive of the particular soil components. Where did you hear that cattle are commonly vaccinated?

Cattle are routinely vaccinate for Clostridium perfingens and Clostridium botuli.

NOT Clostridium anthracis (anthrax).

If cattle are vaccinated for anthrax, it is because of their grazing habits. Clostridium species are environmental microbes. They are all around us in the soil. Cattle devour grass...their noses are in the soil where on earth the anthrax spores are. That is how you get anthrax, inhalation of spores.

People are not routinely vaccinated because we aren't out sniffing the soil on a regular foundation, hee, hee.

Hope that clears it up for you!

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