Anthrax.. Help!?

Why it is not common to give a vaccination against cattle against anthrax but rare to vaccinate humans?

Answer:    Cows are NOT routinely vaccinate for anthrax. Some states suggest it, though. Where did you hear that cattle are commonly vaccinated?

Cattle are routinely vaccinated for Clostridium perfingens and Clostridium botuli.

NOT Clostridium anthracis (anthrax).

If cattle are vaccinate for anthrax, it is because of their grazing habits. Clostridium species are environmental bacteria. They are adjectives around us in the soil. Cattle eat grass...their nose are in the soil where the anthrax spores are. That is how you catch anthrax, inhalation of spores.

People are not routinely vaccinated because we aren't out sniffing the soil on a regular basis, hee, hee.

Hope that clears it up for you! Take vigilance!.
Ok well if the cow gets infected, he's pretty much comatose.

Humans only get the disease if they are contained by direct contact with cows a lot or by extrememly unusual cases by eating meat infected with it. Plus, if you develop to get anthrax, if you get on the spot medical treatment, there is a good defence that you will survive..
Jac is right. It is very rare. It is difficult and expensive to produce, so it is a debris of time and money to use it to kill off a few cattle. However, for humans, it is usually solitary used in well- planned attacks against government official and other important people. I'm surrounded by the Army and I've been vaccinated agaisnt Anthrax, its not a big accord. I have never heard of Cows getting Anthrax shots, but anythigns possible. Its a preventative device becasue Anthrax isn't a big deal anymore becasue Doctors have created a cure for it and hospitals can treat againt it a bit quickly..
Because the Anthrax "scare" we had within the news awhile back be just another scare tactic for the American society contained by order to get them to overreact and comply near whatever wishes our government bid us to do. Our country is the solitary one that does such - no other does. Watch "Bowling for Columbine" if you want. It really defines our government. because anthrax is a infrequent disease. the only places that have it are the CDC.

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