Anti depresants?!?

is it not too simple to say alcohol cancel out what they do, the effects of alcohol and anti depresants are not really unknown, it could make them more potent or less potent. i am not condoning drinking next to them but when people sat it stops them working isnt that wrong, the human brain is complex and to read aloud they are canceled out is just not right.

also if you take the anti depresants during the light of day and drink on ocasioions in the evening will that be better than drinking and taking them in the evening, e.g. if i want to drink on ocasions i should create myself take the AD during the day.

Answer:    It totally depends on the anti-depressant. For example, Lexapro is safe and sound to combine with moderate amounts of alcohol, but Prozac is a big no-no.

And yes, you are correct. The human brain is complex and drinking alcohol does not always indicate it will make the med stop working.

It is definitely more sheltered to take the AD during the morning if you plan to drink in the evening. BUT- it adjectives depends on the anti-depressant. Some are 100% safe with alcohol, and some are not. Ask your prescriber if the drug you are taking is risk-free to combine with moderate amounts of alcohol.

I 100% DISAGREE with Cavorim. That is simply not true. I don't know where on earth she got her information from. ?.
i don't believe that alcohol cancels out the effects of the meds.
however the year after drinking, i'm always left premonition depressed because of the alcohol. my reaction to alcohol has not changed since i hold been on the antidepressants though.
i always lug mine at night and do not think it make any difference..
doesnt matter when you take the pills during a 24 hour time of year..if you drink alcohol it will mess with you..believe me ive been on anti-depressants contained by the past and felt resembling crap because of it..alchol is a depressant so it naturally counteracts with the anti-depressants...none of it is accurate and it actually just make you more depressed..take it from someone whose been in that..if you seriously want to get over your depression dont mix them. Latest studies conducted by the drug comapnies themselves indicate that anti-depressants don't work anyway with or lacking alcohol. Chemical inbalance has now be removed as a diagnosis because it was never real only a marketing tool used by drug companies to promote their very ineffective drugs.

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