Anti-histamine daily - is this bad long term?

i have a kitten and dont want to donate it up... however it appears i have an allergy. if i take anti-histamine for this will i become more dependant on the tab? will i have to take them forever? is this impossible for me?


could i get used to my own cat and not need to appropriate them?

Answer:    You may get used to your cat.Try not to take antihistamine on a daily basis,take it when the going gets tough. The best one is zirtek,which is sold contained by most supermarkets..
Antihistamines are pretty harmless. My mom takes Allegra every light of day year round and I take Claritin every day contained by the spring. You can't really become dependent on them or have to continue taking them if you get rid of the cat. It's really fine.

Now, depending on how bad your allergy is to your cat you may or may not have to verbs taking them. For example, I am allergic to cats, but I don't have a problem being around cats if the home is verbs and vacuumed. I only have a problem if here is cat hair everywhere. But your allergy may be more severe so you still have to pilfer the antihistamine as long as you have your cat.

Hope this helps!.
There's no associated dependency near antihistamines such that you may be become 'addicted.' If you use antihistamines for a long time they may be rendered less effective as your body will adjust to the medication you are giving it by establishing more histamine receptors to combat the antihistamine you are taking. You should talk to an allergist about this situation as they would enjoy the means to suggest a proper treatment regimen to counteract the allergens you are around. You may just hold to deal with the allergies since the cat is the source and it's dander will be everywhere. Antihistamines can solely take you so far; at some point, for total reduction of allergies, you must remove the allergen (pet dander). But in recent times FYI, you do know that they do breed 'allergy free' cats right (kinda expensive though)? =) Good luck! Given time, you'll probably get used to your cat. I have a friend that get a cat a few months ago and found he was allergic. Like you, he took lots of antihistamines for it, and now have become 'immune' to the cat hairs.
Hopefully it'll happen to you too. (Also, you can't take addictive, and over-the-counter antihistamines don't really have any long-term risks.).
If you take like anti-histamine every day you will eventually become immune to it. Thats what happened to me. My doctor said to try some topical ones and not to take them everyday as you do build up immunity to them.
I would check beside ur dr and see if theres any way you can build up immunity to ur cat.
Good luck.
You can nick anti histimines long term but i would advise you to step to your local pharmacist and just have a chat to them to see which one is best for your type of allergy. Cetirizine or loratidine are pretty suitable and are non drowsy antihistimines that you take once daily. You can't catch hooked on anti-histamine. My doctor told me to take them every day to stop my pets setting my asthma rotten, so it's OK..
I take them daily. The ones tat you filch once daily are fine. no it is not bad to pinch them, long term, blue

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