Any suggestions?

how do you get rid of pimples, and maintain them from coming back. or any suggestions on pimples ( what to do)

Answer:    I would recommend using Dove soap. I remember when I tried using a different soap that stops pimples, but it made it worse. After that i freaked out and only used Dove. Later on, I go to the doctor and she recommended something else. I tried using it and in a few days, they started to go away. So, you should jump to your doctor and see what he/she says, but until then, i would freshly use Dove soap at least two times a day. Hope it help.
i broke out and was looking to buy proactive and crap the n mymom convinced me to buy equate (its blue) from walmart it say compare to clearasil it really help and when you see pimples about to come out it holds them back

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