Asthmas neb treatments arent helping!?

im using my cousins perscription. are there different types of neb treatments that lately use the same machine? im going to the doctors this week.

Answer:    Yes in attendance are numerous types of medications that can go into a nebulizer (albuterol, xopenex, pulmicort, pulmozyme, atrovent...a moment ago to name a few). They are all clear surrounded by color and are odorless.
Just because your cousin has a prescription doesnt mean his medication is a fast-acting rescue medication.
AND it doesnt niggardly his dosage is enough for your bronchospams (aka asthma attack). Example: the normal dosage of albuterol is 2.5mg. Ive have patients in my Peds ICU who are in severe distress who require 25mg/hour continuous treatment.
If you have a feeling your chest getting tighter and your work of breathing is increasing, you should seek medical attention asap..
Yes, they are pretty much universal.
There are profoundly of different kinds that you can use. Although you probably shouldn't use someone elses. I know they seem safe if you find the wrong prescription that causes an allergic reaction for you of late remember it isn't like any other kind of medication. Yes those CAN be allergic and with that kind of prescription you can't just dilute it by drinking water until you receive to the hospital, or vomit to get rid of it out of your system before it totally procure digested. With that stuff it enters directly into your lungs a place that it can't get out of and you could be unmoving within a minute.
But there are lot of different kind. Albuterol and Xopenex are just two examples of them. They all work different ways to friendly up the bronicoles in your lungs that suck up the oxygen in your lungs to use it for the rest of your body including your brain and adjectives of your body parts. Considering your whole body needs oxygen to live related to have to have oxgyen even to create proper muscle action and etc.
Good luck!.
Oh my god dont use your cousins prescription! Yes nebulizers enjoy many many different drugs you can use contained by them and what is right for your cousin may not be right for you!! I have a nebulizer and i alone have three different types of drugs that turn through it!! Go to your doctors and get him to prescribe something that is right for you! Yes near are different kinds of Meds to put in the Nebulizer. When you see the Doc he will most possible put you on Steroids (Prednizone) to treat you. You won't be on them forever but it will help get it lower than control.

My inhaler helps me (Abuterol) and when its really bad they grant me the Abuterol in the Nebulizer.

COFFEE! The Stronger the better, Might taste approaching crap but it will help control an attack before you gain to see the Doc

Good Luck!.
If the neb treatments aren't working then your asthma is caused by inflammation and the nebs won't work. You want to go to the ER tonight! Tell them that I told you to start you on SOLU- MEDROL STAT! Right after they get the O2 sats and and ABG (arterial blood gas).. print this out and budge see the Triage nurse at the closest urgent care I think within are different ones, but not sure. Maybe drink lots of cold water, which may help downsize the inflammation in your lungs. Your doctor may have to dispense you some steroids to help with this... but try the wet until you see your doctor. It used to work for my son..
Ok, if any neb treatment is not currently working, i strongly suggest you go to the ER. Do not try to WAIT it out.

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