Bad foot odor near strong ammonia smell?

About three weeks ago this problem just sort of crept up on me out of nowhere. My foot started to smell so strongly it was even making me sick, within addition to a powerful "typical" foot smell, here was a strong smell of ammonia.

Two weeks of intensive wash with Dial antibacterial soap and treatment next to antifungal spray has knock the smell down to 15% of what it used to be, but there is still a bit of ammonia in my socks.

Extra info: My foot look almost completely normal. When they are damp, there are patch of skin on my soles that are softer and whiter than normal, but I hold no visual signs of athletes foot. My socks own been sticking to my foot after wearing them all light of day and sometimes there is some sort of brownish things deep within the terrycloth. Just had a checkup, my liver is fine.

Try wash with hydrogen peroxide. The handy release of oxygen when it contacts organics and or infection should take out those nasty germs causing the stink, and remove the colour up any hair you enjoy on them too. I say i.e. a reason to be beaming. So be happy and STINK NO MORE!
Go put money on to the doctor. Something is not right. You may have the beginnings of gout or diabetes. Odors start from inside the body and I feel you need to address this problem as more than of late and annoying odor. Kidney problems can cause and ammonia odor too.
It's usual, when you sweat, you release it from your skin. The white patches on your foot are actually merely dry skin, that once they have be soaked in wet, or in your shield sweat, turn white. (Take a shower until your fingers get wrinkled and later check the bottom of your feet and the white spots will be in attendance then also.) What you requirement to do is get some gold ingots bond medicated powder and put some in your shoes and next put some on your feet respectively time you go to put on socks. This will soak up any moisture. You should also wear 100% cotton socks because the inbred fibers help your foot to breath, so they won't sweat as much. Hope this helps.
wear adjectives cotton sock, use A&D ornment on your feet try not to put away posta, bread outher food with yeast i did but I never have a smell feet.i tried Balm,adjectives kinds of creams,the Dr. give Mometason Furoate cream USP,0.1% that help alleviate the little craes.still not over it yet be 2 years nov.
Any body odor - including feet - comes from the bacteria's that grow surrounded by warm, murky, moist environments. Your shoes are perfect incubators for such things. If you can loose the shoes for as long as possible and single wear them when absolutely essential this would help. When you do wear shoes, rotate near different pairs to let them nouns out and kill any germs inside them. The following link is of empire who almost never wear any shoes and there is medical findings as resourcefully as anicdotal testimony to be found through the links inwardly, that have substanciated the ill-effects shoes own on our feet and legs. Bottom row, loose the shoes as often as you can.
After you treat your foot and get this taken strictness of do not wear any of the shoes you wore while your feet where on earth messed up or you will get it again. There is this really big word that begin with an "A" that I cant read out let alone spell but I enjoy had it several times its sort of similar to having Athletes foot but the stink is horrible along next to the skin getting extra soft and it peels away or become small white or yellowish looking patches top and bottom of foot. Sometimes it will come and run for me like it merely healed on its own but the doctor used to bequeath me drops to put on my feet and contained by my shoes. But everytime I got it again I would own to go and win new shoes and dally till I got rid of it beforehand I wore them...
What have you done something like your shoes?

A little information first:

There are two liquids your body produces constantly that we adjectives have to traffic with: Sweat and urine. Chemically, these two things are lately about transposable. And both of them, if left over a bit time, break down into, mostly, amonia.

Obviously the issue in your shoes is more feasible sweat than urine, but the problem is still there.

Washing your foot with antibacterial soap and taking vigilance of fungal issues is the right way to stir, and I'm sure you've washed your socks contained by a good strong detergent. But what just about your shoes?

Two options: Ditch them and buy a current pair, or put them through a correct hot wash, even consider letting them soak contained by some antibacterial stuff, and then wash them again, then putting them through the dryer. (Wash them alone surrounded by case the color runs).

Shoes are a great place for germs to hide and grow. The white patch on your feet may of late be where sweat is pooling and softening the skin, or it could be where on earth bacteria is trying to capture to your feet. If you aren't keeping the shoes microbes free, then it's resembling washing your hand before putting on dirty rubber gloves. What's the point?

Keep wash your feet attentively, and treat the problem from the shoe end. Once you've done that, declare the clean shoes. I recommend this spray call Approach. Not only does it lend a hand kill the microbes that can cause the odor, it'll totally get rid of the odor anywhere you spray it. And, it has no unexpected chemcials in it so it's totally not detrimental. I use it on my shoes and the difference was close to night and daytime.

Give it a shot it's a lifesaver.

Good luck!

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