Body Hair?

I'm a female next to a lot of body hair, I show, it's black and terminal. I have more body hair than adjectives the females in my family and it's moderately embarrassing, however I don't have as much body pelt as the males in my family. (Thankfully!) Anyway, I get it checked out by a doctor to see if it could be a chemical imbalance, but the results came stern as neutral. They said I'm very tough. Anyway, this hair really bothers me, so I was wondering what I could do to remove it. Also, I should entry that I have light brown I wasn't sure if laser would be a virtuous option. Opinions?

Answer:    The source below discusses the various curls removal options..
It may be some form of hirsutism. wax it may hurt but it works.
don't worry,i hold body hair too but they are not very observable. i shave my legs now and then.

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