Burns when I pee/Itchy? HELP?

Ok. Randomly when I pee it burns for a few days...then goes away...then on a whim will burn again and also be itchy. (This has been going on for a few months)I haven't had sex since May and when I did..I used a condom! But I own had oral sex. I went to my health service clinic at my college and they said I don't own a UTI or a Yeast Infection and I might have HERPES?? Which is ridiculous..I haven't had someone do oral sex on me since FEB of last year..and sex (w/condom for literlaly 2 minutes) since May of final year..what's going on?? I have an appt. w. a gyno but i'm scared
Answers:    A condom only covers the penis, you come into skin to skin contact when you enjoy sex, and genital herpes are not just located on the penis. Try not to worry until you see the gyno., you'll get the answer your looking for when they run trial. Good luck.


So you havnt had sex for 9 months. Dont be afraid. Im so glad you made an appt. to see a gyno. Its better to find out what you have and treat it. Here is something you might find interesting..a little sex ed..


Herpes is spread by direct contact including:

Sexual contact

Anal sex

Oral sex

Vaginal sex

as in good health as..

Skin-to-skin contact which transmits HSV-1 and HSV-2

Genital herpes

Can be transmitted with or without the presence of sores or other symptoms

Is often transmitted by general public who do not realize infection can be passed on even when there are no symptoms

Is often transmitted by people badly informed they are infected.

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Water infection/Bladder Infection seems most likely. Herpes, you'd know about. Not solely would it itch and burn, at the point of having those sensation you'd also break out in the sores. I think it's undisruptive to say you're unlikely to have an STI/STD. It's best to get it checked out however as dampen infections can turn into serious kidney infections if not treated.

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That would be scary. Just so you know, not all urinary systems are symptomatic of STD's. I have a similar freak out and I had just been tested and cleared for adjectives STD's and it turns out it was just a staff infection (not to down play the seriousness of staff infections).

You are doing the right thing by visit a doctor and getting the tests, although I wouldn't be so quick to thinking it's an STD.

I wish you the best of luck!

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It definately sounds approaching a yeast infection or thrush. You would be surprised how common it is (as well as annoying). Go to your local pharmacy and ask for "vagisil" thrush cream or something like that. If that doesn't work I would step back to the doctor...

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Same thing happened to me. They told me I might enjoy herpes but it wasn't. It was folliculitus, which is simply a kind of pimple you get when spine is pulled out or shaved or things like that.

Mine didn't last for months tho... More like a couple of days.

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You CAN grasp herpes from oral sex. Oral herpes take form as a cold sore outside or "inside" of the mouth (if you didn't notice your sexual partner with a cold sore).
Look up on the internet "Oral Herpes" and "Symptoms of Herpes."

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Hopefully it's in recent times an infection. It could be an STD, but maybe not. Just be brave and go to your gyno. They'll know what's wrong. (:

Good luck !

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sometimes because of excess heat within body it burns u can subside it with intake of buttermilk/curd,loads of water or coconut water try this you will know the result inwardly a day if this doesnt work get urself a complete check up

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Most likely a UTI - Urinary Tract Infection -Its really no biggy UNLESS you don't take it treated.

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Herpes can go dormant for quite a while, and then merely appear.

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I think you should ask your doctor. People cant diagnose on YAHOO ANSWERS.

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you might have a bladder infection
that same thing happen to me too!
dont worry!!
it will be okay :)

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Isnt that natural?? When you pee, sometimes it burns.. mine lasted for 2 months. it go aways, dont worry..

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good luck

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go to the doctor

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Sexually transmitted diseases can turn out even with few to no symptoms. The fact that you burn when you urinate and have itchiness suggests gonorrhea, mostly because women seldom have symptoms of any regularity.

A urinary tract infection can cause burning, but with down time that you have mentioned, this is unlikely as it would have spread to your kidneys. A kidney infection is usually symptomatic of flank pain, blood contained by your urine with or without fever and you know something is wrong.

Herpes simplex virus I is the virus that cause cold sores on the mouth and can spread to the genital area. If you had a sore, you would know it by now.

A yeast infection does motivation these exact symptoms and is easily cleared up using over the counter medication, such as Monistat 7 day cream (which is the only one I recommend). Inserts do zilch to control the skin irritation, and not all brands of antifungal ointment are as reliable.

However, with a problem remaining this length of time, you are doing the right thing by making an appointment with your doctor. Only a pelvic exam and a smear for the lab will answer the question at this point.

The best source I found on the internet is through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and here is the correlation:


Wishing you all the best

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