Can coughing too much (or too hard) produce an aneurysm or other physical spoil?

I have a cold. My throat is scratchy and I maintain coughing to get the phlem out of my lungs. When I cough my chief feels approaching its going to explode. Can coughing actually do overexploit to me, (other than the pain)? Because it really feels horrible.

My ex brother contained by law cracked a rib approaching that. I don't think you can grounds a stroke or anyeurism unless you already have one arranged to blow, but you should see a doctor about the cough.

I don't know if this is true or not, but I be told by a friend that you can calm a cough by rubbing Vicks Vaporub on your foot, and sleeping in your socks. I know...sounds really stupid, but weirder things enjoy worked. It may be worth a try.

Get well soon!
I know 2 general public who have broken ribs by coughing.
horrific coughs can cause blown vessel and veins, pinkeye
all right it can make you tired, and sore. You are using muscles you don't usualy use..and depending on the type of cough it is possible to break a rib..but bar that..there is no long residence effects, or anything else other than a headache you should verbs about...
You can verbs a muscle, crack a rib or even hemmorage blood vessels contained by your eyes.

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