Can i get hiv ?

i had protected sex wit my girl friend and after couple of days she told me that she have unprotected sex a year back .. immediately i took her for blood tryout and the result came negative,so can i be infected ?? can anyone explain to me ?? i cannot get this thing out my mind ??

Answer:    screenrr and everyone who read this: Do some research into the audition that is used to determine HIV.

There has be a lot of controversy stirring around HIV leading up to in a minute. There are a lot of studies that are raising some extremely momentous questions against HIV.

Did you know: you can be HIV+ in the US, but you might not hold it in Australia, or other countries? Why? Because the standard for testing vary in every country! No one has even be able to isolate the HIV "virus". Everything you hear about AIDS is base on theories, which differ from scientist to scientist. Does that make any sense anyone??

This is one of the most informative documentaries I've ever seen:

Call me crazy. Call me anything you want, I don't care; all I am asking is that everyone do some research into HIV and AIDS. Don't believe anything you hear unless you can prove it near your own research..
Condoms are extremely effective at protecting from HIV.....if you look at statistics there is pretty much no accidental of catching HIV while wearing a condom.. Even in studies done with partner where one was prearranged to have HIV and the other was unenthusiastic, in those couples who used a condom evey time they had intercourse, NONE (0 %, nada, zilch, zero) contracted HIV from their if the girl have sex a YEAR ago and had a negative blood interview then she does not have HIV any..pretty much the latest you can have a false cynical for HIV is six months after infection...You are freaking out over nothing, keep protecting yourself and you will be freshly fine...HIV is not the thing to worry nearly if you are using condoms. There's a window period for HIV carrying out tests, which means that you can't test for the virus until in the region of 6 months after possible exposure. It can take up to 6 months for the virus to show up on the test. Since it be more than 6 months after her exposure and she's negative, that should be reassuring..
capably just because it came out distrustful DOES NOT mean you are negative, because vih developes slowly and can nick up to 2 years to actually be visible contained by blood test

so if i was you i would appropriate a blood test in going on for 6 months from now so you can get an exact examination.
If it came back glum then she almost certainly doesn't own it, and since you had protected sex you can be even more certain you didn't draw from it. hey, if she's got negative results, it is more credible that you too are negative, unless you've had unprotected sex near someone else. have your blood tested too..
um...she had a blood testing? why didn't you get one, too?

if her HIV test come back negative and she have unprotected sex a year ago, then its a safe bet she is HIV glum.

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