Can taking Ativan lower cortisol level?

I have be taking Ativan since Jan. I took a cortisol test March 18th which showed impressively low levels of cortisol. Could the Ativan hold affected that?

Not directly.but its a drug used within the treatment of anxiety...reducing the anxiety will reduce the cortisol level.
i dont thik so as ativan is a muscle relaxant
no, Ativan does not lower cortisol. Ativan lowers BP and heart rates, in which help you stay active. Excerise and other dietary supplements, and traditions lower cortisol
Yes, I believe so. Stress from anxiety creates high level of cortisol. Ativan relieves stress, therefore lowering cortisol level. Try reading the following article by checking out this link. You may own to cut and paste the association into your browser.
Please see the web page for more details on Lorazepam (generic name) Ativan (brand name) and Cortisol level (Hydrocortisone test).
Certain steroids can create your adrenals to slowly stop producing cortisol but Ativan is not a steroid but a sedative for seizure. Ask your Dr. about this. Why are you have seizures? If seizure are somewhat a new problem later its possible you have a cyst or tumor on your pituitary which may motive the seizures and the low cortisol. In any satchel, you should be seeing an endocrinologist...regular mds don't understand hormone level, whats normal and whats not.
Ativan is a benzodiazepine and yes it can effect cortisol level. I suggest that you read this Chapter 3 has citation to cortisol levels. Professor Ashton is a world expert on benzodiazepines such as lorazepam (ativan). Here is another page which mentions cortisol level and benzodiazepines

What ever you do don't stop taking ativan suddenly. You can get really disagreeable withdrawal effects. Sedative hypnotics are not upright for your health. I hold been on them and they messed me up. If you want to come bad lorazepam you need to drop off the dosage very at a snail`s pace. I am not telling you what to do simply warning you. The FDA, CSM, NICE and most medical regulatory bodies recommend that these drugs be prescribed just for 2 - 4 weeks though sadly oodles doctors don't follow the guidance. If you need assistance coming off ativan travel here

Good luck and hope my post answers your health enquiries.

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