Can the flu lower you white blood count?

the doctor did provide me with the prescription - (Tusso -DMR Capusules to be used for a week 4 x's a year

Answer:    Actually, the above answerer is incorrect. Yes, your white count (these are "leukocytes"--erythrocytes are your red cells--not involved in infection) can go lower when you are ill--it is commonly "biphasic" it rises first then drops. This is due to "margination" which means adjectives the white cells are at the site of infection or in the lymph nodes so they are not circulating surrounded by the blood stream to be counted. Also, when you are ill, a complex cascade of events releases solid substances (called SIRS) and some are called inter-leukins and tumor necrosis factor (this is very cutting-edge); some of these factor depress the bone marrow, which leads to a lowered white cell count. People who are quite bad may have white counts of 1.6; other if 40.0--this depends where surrounded by the bell curve they are at; and why the white count is no longer considered a pure marker of infection (except at very hi & especially low extremes).
The flu is particularly nasty & particular to depress white cells. Hope you feel better soon!.
NO, your white blood cell, erythrocytes, are there to fight infections. Therefore, the amount of white cell will increase when you are ill. That's one of the reasons individuals get fevers, not basically because of dehydration, but white cell fighting for you. It's the body little warriors. That's what I other refer to them as. Even if you have a cut, the white cells instigate to increase to kill the invading bacteria or germ. They are a wonderful little swordfighter.
Edit; Sorry, Diana is right. I don't know why I said erythrocytes, they are leucocytes, but the rest of the answer is correct.

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