Can you capture a UTI if even if you use a condom?

we used a condom every time, but i still got a uti. it doesn't make sense.
Answers:    Do you know what a UTI is? It stands for Urinary Tract Infection. Is is not transmitted sexually. It is from germs getting into then Urethra and later traveling to your Bladder. A females Urethra is very, very short and it is very unforced to have germs introduced in to it. You boyfriend can't give you a UTI. In certainty, because a male has a much, much longer Urethra (the tube that carries the urine from your bladder so that you can "pee" it out) it is exceptionally rare for men to even get them. You can't give him a UTI any. You can get them from the condoms that you have been using, from taking baths, not going to the bathroom right after intercourse and "flushing out" any germs that you could hold from the condom, his hands not being clean and him touching you, etc. If you be prescribed an antibiotic take it as directed, refrain from intercourse until you are completely healed, and drink plenty of marine and/or cranberry juice to help dilute and flush out any bacteria. You may want to parley to your doctor about Sexually Transmitted Diseases or even look it up on the internet to educate yourself better about what they are and aren't and how you can go and get them and how to protect yourself form getting them. It sounds as if you have gotten wrong information along the way and the best way to maintain yourself safe is to get properly educated something like it.

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You have to understand that the distance from the opening of the urethra to the bladder is a short distance. Don't give attention to the source of the bacteria can only be from the male... it can be from yourself. There primarily is mechanical massage that occurs next to intercourse that might increase the risk of getting a UTI (for you).

You might try drinking a daily glass of cranberry juice. You also might enjoy to see a urologist for a more specific evaluation... maybe you have a chronic bacteria explicitly resistant to the antibiotic you have been taking and it just knock it down enough to allow you to reinfect yourself with the situation mentioned previously. A urine culture and sensitivity might be in demand.

Some people have to take a specific low dose antibiotic prophalactically and modified as uniquely prescribed by a urologist. There really is rationale that make sense for what you are experiencing... but, you will be healthy and happier if you seek a urologist that can appreciate the frustration you are going through. The condom idea is well-mannered in your case... till this all get figured out. Good Luck!

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pee before and after sex because if you do no they will keep coming fund and get even more painful every time. It will also start to effect your kidney and you will start to pee blood. The you will be forced to take a pill after every time you hold sex..I know i am 21 and i have to take one after every time i have sex

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Yes you can. Air is getting pushed up inside which is why you are getting uti. I hear it helps if you pee after sex it helps not sure if that is true though. Make sure to drink cranberry liquid or take cranberry pills to fight off the infection.

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You can achieve a UTI from not even having sex, so yes. Source(s):

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whenever you stick anything anywhere in your body, you are risking infection. don't get nervy, its not going to happen 100 percent. and even if it does, there are tons of treatments

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yes its from not going to the bathroom before / or after sex. if you enjoy to or if your close to having to it will bring on a uti.

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Yes, the best way to avoid getting a UTI is to urinate after sexual intercourse.

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It is caused from different things, not lately sex. Google "causes of UTI" there is a lot of information

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