Can you died from copd?

Eventually. But you can extend your existence and surface better if you quit smoking NOW!
Yes you die from COPD. When it get really discouraging as the years wear on you will enjoy what is call shutting down stage COPD and you do eventually die. Often times something else kill you first but contained by the train yes you die from COPD.
The acronym" COPD " stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease .That includes diseases resembling asthma,bronchitis,emphysema,an... others. It will pocket a while to die from them,usually after suffering for several years etc.They can however be controlled beside medication,eventually medication stop working and the lungs will founder. Take diligence. SW RNP
Take this from someone next to COPD...Stop smoking presently if you only just found out something like it..You can extend your go.
But as intricate as it is to say aloud knowing oneday this will begin to me...Yes you can and will die from COPD because your lungs will eventually collapse.
I want you adjectives the luck near this...Its a easier said than done point to live beside....Try the contact below to conceivably minister to you go and get some answers.
Yes. My father died from this newly 16 months after man diagnosed next to it. And it be emphysema from smoking. Emphysema is a type of COPD.
The principal assassin is have an attack, and no inhaler, This kill several hundred population a year

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