Can you give me 8 examples of Narrow Spectrum Antibiotics?

Answer:    Well what spectrum are you looking for? Levaquin and Biaxin are used mostly to fight respitory problems, Azithromycin or Zpack is a wide spectrum anitbiotic, Tamiful is used for the prevention of the flu near in the first 48 hours of symptoms. Lamisil is used for nail fungus and pin bacterial infections. Terazol 3 is used to treat yeast infections or bacterial infections in the vagaina. Penicillin is used for streptococcal infections, syphilis, and Lyme disease. Bactrim is sometimes used for UTI..
Penicillin- Mainly Gram +ve.
Gentamycin- Mainly Gram -ve.
Cephalexin- Gram +ve.
Ampicillin- Gram +ve.
Cloxacillin- Gram +ve. Mainly staph.
Lincomycin- Gram +ve.
Erythromycin- Gram +ve.
Tobramycin- Gram -ve.
Amikacin- Gram -ve.

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