Can you use something instead of a vibrator?

i dont want to buy a vibrator what can you use instead that feels the same or better and how
Answers:    Removable shower head (so Ive heard)

Does this nouns approaching a std?

I doubt that something else could be better than a vibrator.

Don't be have it in mind and buy a vibrator for clitoris stimulation. The feelings are unforgettable. Don't be ashamed to try something new contained by order to spice up your sexual life.

Go ahead and have fun!! Source(s):

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brookstone massager can work adjectives kinds of

I'm curious why you are anti-vibrator. Is it out of embarassment? The only grounds I ask is I was really shy and felt funny about toys within my younger days. Little did I know that there was a great big world full of many possibilities. If you are too shy to step into a store, Pure Romance has online shopping and they are discreet. The shipping boxes are not marked with big packages "Dildo inside" :) Just wanted to give you that side thought, cause you don't know the fun you are missing out on

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step buy a tooth brush or a razor that vibrates you can use the handle on any one and no one will know what you use them for just turn them on put them on your clit and have a buzzing honest time

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back massager you can buy at walmart or target
shower head (oh yeah!)
vibrating stool
washing machine (?)

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Try using s rock hard penis.

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bring one of those things you lie on tnat massages your back.

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a guy

Kidney stones? Apendecitis?

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