Changes to the National BCG Vaccination Programme in the UK?

My daughter came home from academy today with a letter concerning the BCG vaccination.

Having read the letter I be quite surprised to find out that she does not qualify for a vaccination as:

We, and our family circle were not born in a country outside the UK or Western Europe.

We hold not arrived recently from a country where TB is more adjectives.

My daughter has not lived for longer than 3 months in a country outside the UK or Western Europe.

I one-sidedly thought that TB was on the increase if recent news reports are anything to dance by.

Do you agree with this change to the BCG Vaccination Programme?

And, does anyone know how much it would cost to hold my daughter vaccinated, as this is something I feel greatly strongly about.

Thanking you in finance for answering.

Answer:    i thought they were vaccinating faster now, my daughter lives in an nouns of uk with high immigrant population and her kids be given it with their other immunisations. ur right to be concerned, my kids are early teens and they enjoy been offered it 2 or 3 years ago so it seems a recent coppers but they have had it when they be babies as they were born in the middle east where on earth its given the day after birth due to high asian population. i conjecture ur right to be concerned it is on the increase.

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