Coughing up blood in the morning?

I got sick around a week ago (Sunday evening) and I was pretty ill, not the flu but a unpromising head cold. Around Wednesday most of my symptoms disappeared, but my chest congestion and cough continued. It always seem like when I get tastefully ill I always retain a cough that I cannot see, and I can feel the mucus in my chest. I cough it up but second later it rebuilds itself. Someone once suggested to me I might own chronic bronchitis, but this usually happens when I'm sick. I've been specified to recover from a cold but keep the cough up to a month or longer sometimes. Also, I cough when I first wake up up if it is very cold, and also when I smoke (not cigarettes, I smoked for 3 years then quit) Today, though, I notice my first few coughs came up with blood, resembling it had been building up overnight. Right in a minute I am just coughing up phlegm and mucus. Is it possible the bleeding is just irritation from coughing so much, or might it be indicative of a bigger problem? Help is appreciated.

Answer:    The most adjectives reason for coughing blood streaks is bronchitits or bronchiectasis (an abnormal dilation of the airways). Other possible cause include inflammatory disorders, infections, trauma, foreign objects, malignancy, autoimmune disorders, and more. Bronchitis can occur either acutely or chronically. Chronic bronchitis defined as a each day cough x 3 months; it may be one form of COPD. Acute bronchitis is usually due to an infection.

It is important to quantify how much blood you are coughing up (streaks, teaspoon, 1/2 cup, or more). If it's occasional blood streaks, you could wait a few days to see if it improve with the cough. If it's a teaspoon or more, or if symptoms don't improve in a few days, you should see your doctor. If you develop difficulty breathing, chest pain, or cough up large amounts of blood, desire medical attention immediately..
coughing blood could be a sign of many different things, even extremely serious diseases. it could be anything from a blood vessel rupture, to an STD which is unlikely.
you should seize this checked properly by your doc asap.
if you can feel 'mucus' or 'phlegm' in your chest after lie on your side, and get someone to calmly rub the side of your chest and back.
when you cough, most of it should cough out and make your chest touch clearer. drink lots of water if possible, but try and see your doctor asap!!.
Mild hemoptysis? You should see your doctor. You are most probable bleeding into your lungs/respiratory tract, or from your mouth, throat, or nose.
At your doctor, you will recieve a chest x-ray to confirm the location of the bleeding, and to stop it.
Your doctor should also check for illness. It could be something as serious as TB.
you enjoy to consult a doctor, they probably advice you to have a chest x-ray to see the solid problem.. phlegm builds up because of viruses and bacteria, if it have blood, it's not an ordinary cough at all. Bronchitus, sorry :( it sounds close to internal bleeding of the lungs, you should go to the doctors asap..
Sounds like you own just broken a small vessel with adjectives the cougthing you have been doing, though if you verbs cougthing it up I would see a dr.
What I can suggest now is to avoid all mucous forming foods such as your milk products, wheat and courteous sugars which will help with the inflamation you hold. I know it sounds hard to avoid these foods, though it would only be for a week and it is while your body is therapeutic.
Try not to do to much exercise, because your lungs really need that rest.
Olive leaf extract is really honourable to take, it will kill adjectives them nasty bacteria cause the mucous and also help dry up the mucous and hopefully bring you on the mend.

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