How do i update my soon to be husband i own herpes because i be a prostitute?

so i have know him for about a year and hes so cool to me. he is in the military and i do keeping for him,. he has even asked me to marry him. he knows that i was a prostitute and he tell me that it hurts his soul that i used to do that. he says that if i ever did it again he would hate me because we are supposed to be committed. so im ok with that becasue he is right, but he doesn't know that i own herpes. we've had all knids of sex before w/ and w/o condoms. but it be never w.o a condom untill we decided to get married. but i don't wanna tell him nearly the herpes and then he doesnt want to marry me. should i wait or tell him very soon. plus hes leaving to germany and i dont want him to have all that time to imagine about why i didnt tell him sooner or any other negative thoughts.. what should i do. plus my ex bf is calling me describing me that he misses me and he is in the navy. what to do?
That's pretty ** up that you would knowingly contribute someone you love herpes. Its like you did it to try and trap him. Do you realize you've ruined this poor guys life? And you still have the audacity to mention that your ex is calling you? That's the least possible of your worries! You need to let that man know ASAP!'ve pretty much made your bed and now you hold to lay in it.
Taylin, you can give him herpes even if you use a condom and even if you are not having outbreaks. Why would you put him at risk similar to that??

To have unprotected sex and not tell him that you have herpes is completely unforgiveable.

I hope that lots of young-looking guys read this question and get the message as to why they must be protected. Source(s): RN
I would suggest quit being a whore and spreading your crap around to everyone. Sure you might not be a prostitute but spreading around the herp is pretty whoreish. Do you really think when he turns up next to the herp one day he is going to assume that you (the former prostitute) never gave it to him (I assume at some point he will notice you are have an outbreak). Heres a crazy idea, stop lying to the guy. I mean really, did you have to ask this?
Are you trying to give him the disease? You should not have have sex with him w/o a condom if you have herpes. You should care more nearly the poor guy than that. He's going to find out sooner or later, that isn't something you can hide forever. The longer you wait to report him the more upset and betrayed he is goign to feel. I would be pretty damn hurt and pissed off though if someone I loved exposed me to a disease like that resembling it was no big deal. You need to transmit him now.
Be honest with him, recount him as soon as you can (when he gets back, but defiantly beforehand you get married) so that he can get tested too. He may possibly have contracted it by in a minute. You should know herpes can be passed even if condoms are used, they don't cover all areas of the genitals that herpes can affect. You also have a slight chance of endorsement herpes when there are no signs of an out break.
Tell you ex to back off, if your in good spirits with this current guy. If your current boy friend breaks things off with you because you own herpes then he is not worth your time. He will only be constantly worried about getting herpes from you. You may also want to inform your ex that you hold herpes, there is no sure way to tell how long you could hold had herpes for, that might get your ex to back past its sell-by date a little. If your current boy friend is a good guy then he may be capable of accept you even if you have herpes, that is what unconditional love is looking ancient your faults and being able to adopt some one no matter what.
Damn. I;m sorry you enjoy been put in that position.

I think it is best that you enlighten your fiancee sooner than later. It probably would have been better if you told him back you decided not to use condoms. Please don't take it wrong but that was category of selfish. Still, you should probably tell him now formerly he has an outbreak and figures he may have contracted them from you. I reason him figuring it out on his own would hurt even more than you telling him.

If anything, go to the doctor near him and let the doctor tell the two of you that one of you may have herpes. Let the doctor confirm your sexual robustness.

Ps. Why are you talking about your ex? You have a man to be exact willing to love you regardless of anything else. Love him back. If your unwilling to deal near your fiancee being in Germany than maybe your unwary for marriage. Only creep if the two of you have an open relationship.

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