12 y/o have have frequent laxatives, and 4 enemas but no bowel movement. Dr say no blockage. CT shows Lesion within u?

She complains of pain in her right side. She continues to eat, but still NO bowel movement. If in that is no blockage, why cant her bowels move? Could there be a parasite? Could there be enternal bowle leakage? Where is the spend in dribs and drabs going?
Regular stool softener help and daily prune juice.
I feel similar to if there was a leakage within her intestines, she would be very sick by now. To be honest, that makes no sense. What is the time rank in this? Could it be that she has indigestion and it's all back up in her stomach or upper intestines?

TMI - Sometimes when I have indigestion, I feel blocked up and awful but near is too much food in my stomach for laxative pills to work, and if it's that high up in the system, an enema may not manage and help.

If it has only be like 12 hours, she should probably lay down and stop eating and sip some soda or water.
Did the doctor examine her? Find a new doctor as laxatives and enemas are counterindicated in any colonic pain especially right side anguish. The right side is where the appendix is located or she could have a twisted colon. Source(s): My cousin had a tewisted colon when she be 18 and I had appendicitus when I was younger.

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