Can you get hold of anything serious from a mosquito bite?

i have a few bites from mosquitos & I'm worried that it might be serious
Unless you live in Africa or other high-risk malaria countries, don't verbs.

Also, its more likely that you have bites from midges, which are around ALL OVER the place at this time of year. Especially near massive bodies of water and at dusk.
You can get several illnesses that can result surrounded by death, but don't worry. I lived in an Equatorial country for partly a year and usually had about 50 mosquito bites at once, and i'm alive and well very soon. outside of tropical areas and africa, any diseases carried by mosquitos are very rare.
Unless of course you mistook flea bites as mosquito bites and you happen to get them in China, in which grip you may very well have the plague.
Joking, playing around. i mean, it's true, but also, practically not even a possiblity.
You're fine.
Put some medicine on them you should be fine but if they don't travel away within a few days go see a doctor don't wait. If it be westnile virus you would have a fever and lots of other bad crap similar to you can't see straight. If that happens go to see a doctor instantly. Make sure they eye symptoms constantly happen not simply you wake up in the morning and you cant see straight.
you might get anything serious but wait if u get frenzy or if you feel weak than try to go to doctor immediadly.....,

if you are really feed up of itching than try to use a solution of water and salt which makes smaller quantity the itching, u can make this solution by yourself. take some salt and stirr it within half glass of water and put it surrounded by the place where the mosquito has bit u.

best of luck
You can get Malaria... if you are in Africa

Or the West Nile virus..... But again I think that this year its pretty much only just Africa.

And maybe New Jersey
oWest Nile fever ,oLymphatic Filariasis ,and oDengue restlessness all come from misquitos...If its just itchy and stuff or is a little tender I wouldnt verbs. But if you have any other strange symptoms that are related to the bites or that started after the bites I would get them checked out simply in case. Youd be surprised how many relatives die each year because of misquito bites. Check out this site..should help you out. d… Source(s):…
Well you can get the West Nile Virus, Maleria, Yellow Fever, and Dengue Fever. But you shouldn't worry too complex about it because you might scare yourself into thinkin you really do have a disease.
If you truly devise it is serious then see a doctor first before you panic.

Hope I help Source(s):…

check it out for yourself
The only thing I would verbs about that's very common is West Nile Virus. You also might lately be allergic to them. My sister was allergic and would swell up when she was bitten but some antibiotics should be just fine.
Your blood and blood the mosquito got from other victims mixes. Theoretically, you could get any blood born disease (Malaria, West Nile, even AIDS). Here's the entity though - you'd only get whatever diseases previous victims have. What are the odds? Pretty small actually. Honestly, don't worry until you start seeing symptoms. People gain bit every day and the number of them who get diseases from it are small.
You shouldn't worry about it, especially if you live in the U.S. where on earth malaria has basically been eradicated. Just put some calamine lotion on your bites and they'll be gone within a couple days!
if the mosquito have an infection you could get malaria. if wherever it bit you starts to look red and puffy, go to your doctor in a jiffy!
Nile virus if contracted can make you real sick, or if you are a child or an elder adult possibly kill you. Best to avoid them if you can.

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