I am allergic to peanuts and am traveling to England?

Does anyone know anything in particular that I should watch out for? Are peanuts adjectives in English cuisine?
If I munch through pea nuts I get severe leg pain that makes me even powerless to walk. The severity differs person to person.Pea nuts are adjectives snacks abroad and are available in salted and roasted form.Pea nut butter is common and used as a bread spread.Generally pea nuts unlike contained by India are not used for food preparations. You have to be careful solely when you go to Indian restaurants.
You best take near you a good supply of epi pens or Benadryl just surrounded by case you get an allergic reaction. If I be you I would find a place with a kitchen and cook your own meals or if you cannot and you must go out to get through let the cook know you are allergic to peanuts but make sure you do have your medication next to you just in case.
The problem is that it is almost impossible to buy anything in the UK without it one labelled that it COULD contain peanuts. Source(s): GP for more years than I care to remember
The only proven treatment for a food allergy is to avoid the food.
Anyone diagnosed next to a food allergy should carry (and know how to use) injectable epinephrine at all times. If you develop any type of serious or whole-body reaction (even hives) after consumption the offending food, inject the epinephrine. Then go to the nearest hospital or emergency facility, preferably by ambulance. Seek immediate medical attention after injecting epinephrine for a food reaction. Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peanut_alle…
In actual English savoury dishes, no. But contained by the UK we eat a variety of cuisine. We eat Chinese food, Indian food, Italian food, Greek food and Thai food etc. Our cuisine is incredibly varied now because we are a multicultural society.

The most common cuisines to contain nut grease are Indian, Thai and Chinese dishes. So perhaps steer clear of them. Cakes are common places to find nuts and check all sweets and chocolates too.

The reality is, unless you grow, prepare and cook your own food yourself, there will always been some amount of risk that the food you are eating has come into contact with peanuts. Food contained by the supermarkets is often made in a factory that makes products near peanuts too. In theory someone who prepared the food could have eaten or touched peanuts and contaminate the food that method.

Not much you can do about it to be honest. Just take general precautions. If you put away out then tell the waiter to ask the chef if a particular dish contains nuts (in the UK population are very allergy aware so it won't be the first time the waiter has had this request).

The problem next to eating out in an Indian or Chinese restaurant or take away is the vocalizations barrier. If you do decide to have Chinese or Indian food next make sure the person understands exactly what you niggardly and exactly what you are asking. Explain that you have a severe allergy to peanuts.

When buying food in the supermarket Just check the label, if a product contains nuts later it should say so on the packet. And finally, never leave home without your Epipen and Antihistamines.

(I've expelled Dr Frank from eating nuts because in theory, if I kiss him afterwards or do other things after he have ingested nuts... I could have a reaction. I wonder if people hold allergies to haggis? Perhaps I could impose a ban there too :) Dr Frank manage to find a 'haggis pizza' (really) in a Tesco in Glasgow. Source(s): Registered Nurse
It would be irresponsible to answer that question, because it would depend on what you ate and where. Every place could serve like peas in a pod dish but with peanut oil or by products.... I like the other answer. Since it is England, purely ask too. They do speak English. I don't believe peanuts are used anymore than here. BUT ASK. Again, the other idea is a great answer. Whether here or anywhere in the world.

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