Can you overcome individual lactose intolerant?

I was born lactose intolerant. When I was little I forced myself to eat rime cream because it was so tasty. After awhile my body began getting used to consumption ice cream with no tummy trouble. I can eat cheese as in good health with no problem.

The only thing I own trouble with is milk alone.

I was wondering if anybody has a similar situation.

I am 20 years behind the times and I'm Mexican-American.
There is no known way to prevent lactose intolerance.
If you own the condition, avoiding or restricting the amount of milk products in your diet can reduce or prevent symptoms. Source(s):……………
There is no passageway to overcome lactose intolerance if you were born with the genetic defect that prevents you producing a functional lactase. As you enjoy found,you can tolerate small amounts. Cats are in a similar position,all cats are lactose intolerant, however they like milk,cream and even cheese,so we humans insist on giving it to them. However if you administer them more than a small amount they get cramps and diarrhoea,as I am sure you do.

Theoretically if you were able to consume or donate lactase to the milk it would be digested,as far as I am aware however this is not currently possible. Source(s): GP for more years than I care to remember
Try lactaid or lactaid milk. It's made for people who are lactose intolerant.
If you're born with it, it's genetic and will never will you completely though you can build a slight resistance, like you have.
I'm the same passageway only I was never able to build a resistance so I use soy milk near cereal and just get sick when I have rime cream.
Don't drink milk, own a substitute like Soya milk.
not me dude Im same way you explained I have tried enzymes and everything
I'm the same way. Straight up milk KILLS me. I know there are supplements you can buy at the store so that you can enjoy milk and other dairy products. I don't really know if you can grow used to milk, though, since it is a higher concentration of lactose then ice cream.

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