Can you contract the herpes virus through using a toothbrush that a personage beside genital herpes used?

I am really freaking out. Unfortunately my sister tested positive for herpes yesterday. She said she had burning when she urinated. I have used an electric toothbrush that she uses as well roughly speaking 3-4 times over the last 2 weeks, not directly after her though. Will the herpes virus survive on the toothbrush??

I researched and the answer wasnt clear please help!
I know I should shift check but it's late and I want to know if I am just overreacting
no- you should not be able to get it from the toothbrush...but to put your mind at contentment, you should get checked out, just to be on the safe side.
honourable luck.
no, the virus is caught by skin to skin contact. it ony lives a few seconds off the body. also if she have genital herpes there is no way of catching it through her toothbrush. if it is oral herpes (cold sore) and you use her toothbrush directly after her, which btw is unhygienic to be using someone elses toothbrush anyway. within is a slight chance of getting a cold sore but there has to be one present, and the likelihood are slim.
so dont worry, you wont have herpes.
unless she was using it to brush her *, no.
but if she does that **** near it, why the ****. would you use it in the first place.
Yes! Open cold sores.

Oral herpes (cold sores or restlessness blisters that are caused by a virus known as herpes simplex) can be transmitted this way. Germs can find a method into a person's bloodstream through a break in the skin or through membranes lining the mouth.
oh no! get to the doctors noww
YES, you increase your chances. Just like you can get HIV from using someone else's razor. Never use other people's personal hygiene products including brushes and combs.
If your sister has it and your that close your probably going to receive it one way or the other through her. Yes if you have open sore surrounded by your mouth and you used it directly after her. The chances are good. Why isn't she on a control for this, they're out there, consequently you wouldn't have to worry so much. My daughter has this and we lived beside her for three years, she has five kids now and is on something for it, she has never passed it on to us or the kids. Source(s): Former MedLab Technologist supervisor.
Yes the answer above is correct. Skin to Skin contact only.

You are safe. Source(s): Registered Nurse
Well at least you figure out that myth and answered your own question. Your not likely to get herpes from inanimate objects. Herpes doesn't concluding for more then seconds on objects. So you're not likely to acquire genital herpes from sharing a tooth brush, unless she used it on her genitals during an out break then you used on your genitals with in second after she did. I have to tell you, I can't see too many nation using a tooth brush on their genitals.
You could contact oral herpes if you used the tooth brush with in seconds of her using it, if she have an out break of cold sores at the time.
Herpes is more likely to be passed by skin to skin contact like kissing, having oral or regular sex near some one that has herpes.
Guru and the others are right. Herpes is spread by sex. Unless your sis have blood all over her toothbrush, you totally made out with that toothbrush like it be Megan Foxx in toothbrush form, than you're probably ok.

think about it similar to this: if you DIDNT know she had herpes, would you still be this worried?

But don't let that get you sour the hook for testing. EVERYONE should get tested every 6 months.

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