Could this be herpes? I'm FREAKING out!?

Okay. So about a month, month and a half ago, my baby's father and i had sexual intercorse. AFTER everything be done and over with, he was complaining about "blade burn". How he was "in a hurry one day and shaved, using no shaving cream, merely dry." Dumb, i know! So then he went on to tell me HOW BAD they itch, and kinda hurt, from him itching. I said ably yeah, if you shaved dry, of course it hurts. Well then, he decided to show me, no big business deal. When he did, it looked liked razor burn, but a really really bad defence of it. I could tell he had been scratch, so i just figured it looked as bad as it did because of him digging. Well, he moved is boxer's down lately a tad bit more, and when he did i saw one that oozing a little. I freaked out! Why wouldn't i, ya know? But i just stayed positive until i could get to the doctor. I tight, the bumps on his penis we NOT blister's. Just kinda red from itching. Oh, and by the way, the bumps we not at the head of his penis, they were at the shaft, i guess thats what you phone up it. Like where the hair will start to grow up the penis if you let it bring that hairy. But okay, i went to my OBGYN 4 days later and explained everything. He examined me, and said everything looked fine. He didn't see any bumps, blisters, nought. But to be safe, he took blood anyways to check for herpes and i believe syphillis.(sorry about the mispelling) One of the nurses from my doc office call me one week later and told me im fine. The only thing that showed up contained by my blood was that i recently had a cold sore. Which, i've be getting those since i was in kindergarden. So i asked her AGAiN, "i'm fine then, right?" She said yes ma'am. So that be that. Well, like i said, that was a month, month and a half ago. So TODAY. I'm have some different isue's... Last night, before i got contained by the shower, i used the bathroom first. And when i wiped, something down there, like right outside of my vagina hole, feel like a paper cut. It hurt, yes. So i got my little appendage held mirror, and looked to see what it was. And i saw these 3 or 4 tiny bumps under the skin. And one was oozing freshly like i saw on my baby father's when he showed me his "razor burn". So, at this point, im REALLY freaking out. So, i took a shower, wash real good. And then when i get out, i looked again, still there, but it looked a little better for some reason. So i thought I don`t know i scratched down there one day and didn't remember, and since finger nails are so dirty, i thought, all right, maybe i just have rather bacterial infection. So i put Neosporin on it before i went to bed.. When i woke up, the first thing i needed to do be go to the bathroom, when i did, the pee getting in it burned, BAD. So, oh goodness, im panicing. I carry the hand held mirror AGAiN, and look.. Now, its RED. Very red, like maybe i be itching it in my sleep? Im not sure. But the bumps were still there and even more bleeding then last night. Keep within mind, these are NOT blister's. No scap what so ever.. yet, anyways. Their just bumps..under the skin. They kinda ooze. But not bleak. They hurt, and itch like CRAZY... And like i said, their right on the outside of my vagina hole. Like if they got any closer, they would inside my vagina, but their not. Not that i can see or be aware of anyways. So, please. Someone give me some kinda input. But please don't be rude. And say hateful things. I'm immature and i have only been next to one sexual partner. Today is Saturday. So nothing i can do today. But, im making an appointment first thing Monday. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!...
honestly i can understand why you are freaking but you honestly will not know for sure until you go to the doctor! Generally herpes appear like vesicles and ooze. Do you deem that your baby's daddy is unfaithful? It could also be that he got razor burn incredibly badly, scratched it so much and possibly caused a small infection, like staph, during intercourse these stubbly hair could have rubbed up right on your vagina, scraping it slightly exposing it to the bacteria on his skin.? It may not be as big of operate as you think. Source(s):……
u do own herpes..just be careful...don't do anything rash...jump to a doctor!!
sorry to tell you that yes, this sounds close to a herpes outbreak, but you aren't going to know for sure until you are tested. because you have sores now, the doctor will be able to do a swab tryout, and give you a more accurate diagnosis.

it is possible to have HSV-1 on your genitals and your test showed HSV-1 antibodies.

hold it clean down there. go to the store and take some sort of benzocaine spray for your pain. the pharmacist can help you.

good luck.
Honestly it does not sound like herpes, but on the down side, everyone's body react differently, so there is still a chance.
It could be just a impulsive of some sort, or an allergic reaction.
But really, I cant say that much to help you, ur best bet is to appreciably make sure u get to a doctor before the bumps shift away, the only way to tell for sure is to enjoy the actual bump examined.
But honestly, I have genital HSV-1... and this doesnt sound anything like what my outbreak be like, so i think ur clear for herpes, but it still could be something else you need to pinch care of.

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