What are some inborn ways to lowering your sugar?

I'm not sure if I have diabeties I wont go to the doctor till tuesday.

my symptoms for the past 2 weeks be muscle stiffness, tierd, moody, blurry visoin (sometimes), and foggy brain (hard to concentrate)

also had trouble sleeping,, I stoped drinking sugary drinks 2 days ago and feel alot better more energy , smaller quantity moody,

what else can i do to lower my sugar if its still high?
exercise mostly but if your having really elevated blood sugar with blurred vision it can hurt you and put you in a coma. walk to the doctor immediately! Source(s): type 1 diabetic
Now-a-day people moving slowly towards alternative medicine because of good results without any side effects and in cheaper price.

There are heaps herbs that are good for diabetes, please follow the resource for details information on diabetes natural herb, how it works to lower diabetes, picture of the herb, and link to scientific evidence. Source(s): http://healthy-ojas.com/diabetes/diabete…
see a doctor like 911. If you can't get into your regular doctor later go to an urgent care like NOW.
Cut out sugar
don't eat anything with particle in it.
A low glycemic diet.
Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! And eat GOOD! Source(s): Diabetic
Don't treat an disorder you don't know you have.
Wait for a diagnosis.

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