Any suitable tablet for lasting Asthma Patient? and any biddable suggestion to curtail stomach for me?

I am an ASTHMA (a breath trouble or Decease) patient. I takes a tablet every night name ETO SALBETOL. (FORMULA: Etotylline + Salbutamol + bromhexine Tablets). I got too much shivering and extra faster heartbeats after taking this tablet. this shivering go continue for 4-5 hours afterwards i get regular blood pressure, no shivering & normal heartbeats. My age is 23 but i am shivering like 90 year mature man after taking this tablet, but there is no other option to kill the attack of this breath trouble. and because of asthma, i cant do any tough work, long walk or outdoor games. so my waist is 28 and my stomach is 34! :( very bad looking my amount is! give me another good tablet or Formula for asthma which would not give me side effects resembling shivering and give me a sure and safe way to downsize my stomach less that my chest. (well, i got this trouble in Heredity.) Thank you to adjectives of you readers in advance, God bless you.
Where do you live? Etophylline is related to theophylline, which be used to treat asthma when I was a kid, but is now rarely used because in attendance are better drugs. Your symptoms are probably due to the salbutamol, which is also called albuterol, and is a short-duration bronchodilator. Usually it is used in inhalers for treatment of asthma attacks, it is not generally used as a preservation medicine because it has these side effects (I get a faster heart rate and muscle tremors) and routine use of albuterol can in fact make future asthma attacks worse. Bromhexine thins mucus in your lungs and may or may not be appropriate--you may not want it.

Front-line medications for asthma currently are inhaled corticosteroids such as fluticasone or budesonide. Some long-lasting bronchodilators (like salmeterol, related to salbutamol but with longer duration) are sometimes prescribed, but not as first-line drugs because they have be connected to asthma-related deaths. Another group of drugs that is sometimes helpful are leukotriene blockers.

There are other drugs that are elder but cheaper, and maybe more obtainable where you live. Intal (cromolyn sodium) is also sometimes still used because it is cheap and works especially economically with asthma caused by exercise. It does require frequent dosing. Theophylline is also still used sometimes, unlike these other drugs it is a pill, not an inhaler, and has a once a morning dosing formulation. Theophylline requires regular blood level testing because it can cause organ disfavour if the wrong dose is prescribed.

Check with your doctor about the availability and pricing of these drugs where you live. If zilch else, you might look into switching to theophylline from your current pill. This might help your side effects.
Asthma is in 2 kind allergic and cardiac,if you own allergic asthma the best kind of treatment is avoiding from allergens and then using some antiallergi such as zaditen and loratadin and corticostroids like prednisolone tablets or beclomethasone spray or using intal spray for preventig and contained by progressed asthma you con use cytotoxic drugs like metothroxate

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