Do you regard as I be bite by a Spider?

Yesterday my leg was burning just a little and I thought perchance I got bit by a mosquito, but then the spot looked funny and now it is blistered. Then this morning my daughter said mom in attendance is a bug in the bathroom, I went in in attendance and there it was a spider and it looks like a brown outsider one, but not sure. I killed it with bug spray and put it in a formless. Should I go to the ER? I hear that usually these bites aren't too bad so I don't want to over re-act. The funny thing is I can't believe my three year frail found it and I am glad she didn't get bit.

Thanks Ginny
I think that you may off scraped ur leg on a corner of something and you hold nto cleaned it out properly causing it to blister
Do you have a family doctor? Call them instead and ask. If not call the ER and ask if you should 'come' contained by -

Here are a few sites to see if you may have a spider bite.……
I doubt very much the spider was a brown loner. Besides, you can't be sure that spider was the one that bit you, if indeed you were bitten by a spider.

It sounds like you might own a spider bite. Keep the area clean and get some medication for the itch. If it's a spider bite, it will itch resembling crazy. If it were a really poisonous bite, like from a black widow, you'd be really sick or dead by very soon.

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