I have an allergic counterattack to a bee sting years ago and suffered allergic shock. What precautions should I tak?

I'm not sure whether each bee sting will cause an allergic reaction. Some hold not in my case. What precautions should I take?
What Does Tak Mean?
You should definitely be carrying an epi-pen and some benadryl beside you whenever you know you will be in an area where in that are bees. If you have a confirmed allergy to bee stings, you cannot afford to guess if/when the next reaction will ensue. Talk to your doctor, as the epi-pen requires a script. Anaphylaxis is nothing to take lightly. Take thought. Source(s): Lifelong personal experience with severe allergies, asthma and atopic dermatitis.
You should obtain checked out by a Immunologist.If your highly allergic to bees you should carry a epinephrine injector (EpiPen).Stay away from places where there's profoundly of garbage,there could be sweet stuff that attracts bees mixed in it.. hope I help even if just a little. Source(s): me :)
see family sawbones to make up a decoration indicating "I am severely allergic to bee stings',....keep a small epinephrine pen or syringe loaded and ready,,when outside,avoid wearing bright colored clothes so as not to appear as a flower to th' lil buzzers
you also might be allergic to honey,,,be prone to have a pollen,grass,wheat allergy Source(s): AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE
,,,plug within to these docs website,get a name of the closest guy,(costs 800 to 1k $$$ up front,ferget insurance),they are the best in the business,,,,board certified allergists are a rubbish of money,time,and DNA
Talk to your doctor. Get a prescription for an epi pen. Carry it with you at all times. Learn how to use it and form sure anyone you're with knows you have this allergy.

These types of allergic reaction tend to get worse with each exposure, not better.

Request allergy trialling. It may be that some insect stings don't cause the allergy but others do. It would be in your best interest to find out which so you can minimize your risk.

In addition, win a Medic Alert bracelet. Source(s): I have a serious shellfish allergy.
cart an epi pen with you and explain to others that you are with that you have this allergy
Yes, the Epi-pen is a must to take with you at all times. Make sure you preserve it fresh - get another one if it expires. Also, it's important for you to know that using the Epi-pen only buys you time to attain to an emergency room. This medication, by itself, is not enough. You still need to seek medical attention.
travel get tested, you may need to carry a EPIpen

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