How can i not b freaked just about purely getting digioused near diabeties?

jessicay is an idiot.

Sorry to hear about it, diabetes can suck.
Rest assured you didn't get it from not eating.
Type 1 is triggered by a virus mostly. Nothing you did create it, so don't think it's your fault.
Unfortunately you will be on medication for the rest of your life, insulin injections or a pump.

But it really doesn't enjoy to be a problem.
I've been type 1 since i was 9. I'm now 24.
I own worked in america for 9 months, switzerland for 18 as a ski instructor, been heli-skiing, an had my daughter who's in a minute 17m/o and brightest girl ever.

It's very hard at first. It really is. But it does get better, and eventually you'll see it as an irritant, zilch more.
Mail me if you want some practical advice :)
Well, it's a scary article to have, so it's natural to be freaked out. But lots of people live long, long lives beside it, and as long as your sugars are under control, you'll live a fairly normal go, as well. Yes, you have to watch your sugar. You own to take your medication, and be sure that you eat often satisfactory to keep from getting low blood sugar. You'll need to watch your diet. You'll call for to check your blood sugar as recommended by your doctor or when you don't feel right. It is a life-changing diagnosis. But it's far better to know you have it and be taking steps to control it, because if your sugar is not controlled, it's harming you. So the diagnosis is a upright thing, because it gives the control to YOU, not the disease. There are lots of diabetics out there -- my husband, his mother, and most of his siblings are diabetic, and they live terrifically normal lives. Just listen to your doctor and give yourself time to adjust. And take apt care of yourself, and watch your sugars.
Its ok to freak out a little. This is bad news, but you can revise to deal with it and lead a greatly full life.

I suggest you join Its an online community and you'll get to know lots of populace there and you can ask advice on diabetes.

You don't get type 1 diabetes from not intake enough. Its genetic. Its not your fault. Diabetes is not anyone's fault. Even type 2 is genetic. You hold to have defective genes to get it.

Good luck and see you at TuDiabetes Source(s):
First of adjectives don’t blame yourself because Type 1 has nothing to do with your counterbalance or your diet. It does have weak link to inheritance but can also happen randomly to any healthy individual. I also developed Type 1 when I be 16, totally healthy and active and with no household history. Your body attacks itself killing off the beta cells which trigger the production of insulin. It is still indistinguishable exactly why this happens.

You will go through a period of denial and probably quality down and out at times. Try to accept it and come to terms, after all you will be dealing beside this for the rest of your life. In a way it can be looked at as a positive because having Diabetes does rouse a healthier lifestyle. When you take care of yourself properly you focus on a thriving diet, exercise and activity as well as becoming more intone with your body. I look at Diabetes as a lifestyle, not a disease.

Diabetes is not taboo nor a dirty little surreptitious. You don’t have to be shy about and can be totally open beside friends, family or strangers. I find that the more open I am the more relaxed and supportive others are about it. If I perform like its no big deal, so do others. I check myself anytime and any place and do what I need to within order to take care of myself. I really don’t watchfulness what others think cause its my body and my life. In certainty when I was in high conservatory my girlfriends who always wanted to be nurses used to argue over who got to bestow me a shot. Lol. My boyfriend always keeps food in his house for me and whenever Im down and out going on for my diabetes he tells me Baby there is nothing wrong next to you.

Education is super important. Diabetes and Nutrition can be complicated and the more you know the easier it is to manage. I would suggest seeing a Nutritionist or a Dietician. Counting carbs and knowing how different foods work with your bodies is push button. Do all the things you used to before and don’t be reluctant to check yourself. I snowboard, swim, mountain bike, rock climb, kickbox, run, and play sports. It’s all totally do-able. Of course it can be a more insulting while trying to maintain good blood sugars, but in the closing stages it works out.

There are lots of support groups and forums for diabetes. One I like is
Using a food database like can help you effortlessly look up any food, or restaurant without playing the guessing game in counting your carbs. They even enjoy a handy pocket book to carry around with you.
I switched to an insulin pump a few years ago and wish I have done it sooner. It makes managing diabetes so much easier and does things manual injections simply cannot do.
For supplies and Rx’s I suggest going through an online pharmacy. Your insurance company will give you one that they work near. It saves money on your Rx because they fill a 3 month supply for the cost of 2 and mail it to you so you aren’t running to the pharmacy adjectives the time. is awesome and so convenient. Source(s): Type 1 for 13 years, pump user
Greetings friend:
I am not a Doctor but I know of friends who are leading run of the mill lives with the affliction.

I hope the Doctors/Nurses did not scare you with the report. At some point we will all die of something. Be the best Human Being you can be. Enjoy life, watch your diet, exercise and remember others are not so lucky to even know they enjoy the disease or other more deadly afflictions

Freaking out or feeling depressed will not help you cope up and front a normal life. Relax and thank God for all the favors He have bestowed on you. This is just a minor test. Others are not so lucky. You can control the affliction and lead a usual life.

Depending on how religious you are if you believe in destiny then rejoice and realize that this is a testing from the Almighty God. You have not mentioned the type of diabetes. I will assume it is Type 2.

You can control the affliction with diet and exercise.

There are copious things you can do to lead a normal life.
1. Purchase a blood sugar monitor such as Accu-Chek
2. Check your blood sugar when you get up up, one hour after eating and two hours after eating.
3. While avoiding white rice, flour, sugar, ice cream hang on to monitoring
your blood sugar and determine which foods raise it. Using a spreadsheet write down the date, time and your blood glucose readings. You can also add comments to remind you why you have such a super spike after eating a pizza.

4. Read as much as you can on good diet. Avoid rice,sugar,flour and anything else that will raise your blood sugar.
5. Exercise 5 to 6 times a week for 30 minutes. Any aerobic exercise such as walking/jogging is sufficient.
6. Go herbal and try intake Garlic, Fenugreek and other blood sugar lowering herbs.
7. Go Low Carb for a while until you get your numbers into "normal range" and particularly re-introduce your favorite carbs in small portions.
8. Change your life style: If you smoke quit. If you drink quit. Exercise and maintain a able-bodied body weight.

Relax and accept this as your destiny and most of all read as much as you can on the affliction. We will one and only live as long as the Almighty God has already slated for us. So who knows you may reach to be 120 years and contained by good health. Source(s):
Dr Barry Groves (Second Opinion, UK web site)
just keep calming yourself that it is treatable adn managable if you manage it right you prob. won't even need medication

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