ive been having anixetty attacks for about 3 years presently and im only 15 yrs old ; i really hate this experience and i wanna live a majority life and do things i cant do now . My anxietty is really hard to control and i obligation advice on how to calm my self down and let it dance away . The worse part about it is my breathing, its really hard to breathe and i carry So scared and dont know whut to do anymore. I take cough drops just to unscrew up my throat to help me breathe a little better but i cant be doing this for the rest of my life. Please somebody HELP ME ! :(

Anyone hold msn aim or anything to conversate with me and talk about this issue please anyone ? =/
I really want to let somebody know you the same thing I tell everyone eles..but those think its not possible but I'm here to tell you that it me
I've suffered from anxiety attacks for several years, so I can appreciate what you are going through.
First of all, see a doctor. There are medication that can control anxiety or panic attacks. I take a medication that is completely good. Your doctor is the best one to tell what which will work best for you. I haven't had an attack for around a year and a half.

When an attack does occur, you can take a stroll, or grab a paper bag and breathe surrounded by and out of it. Both of these have worked for me.

Good luck!
Hi Demi,

I come across this self-hypnosis approach.
I have no idea if it is effective, I only thought it would be good to share.…

The link below has medically time-honoured techniques to relax.
I have used the progressive muscle relaxation for a long time.…

Best wishes.
i have them too. i was so desperate that i couldn't get out of bed at one point. i ended up going to college that same you CAN restore your health. feel free to email me...i would be willing to talk to you =)
aww just reading this i wanted to cry! all right first things first.... have faith in God. im lone 12 & i have them too i feel ur pain! most of the time u enjoy them cuz u have a problem/s that needs to be handled & they are merely eating u alive. so think about any problems that u cant lately stand & say wats on ur mind
Have you talk to a doctor about it?
They can help to make 'em stop.
I'm not an expert on anxiety attacks, so I don't wanna dispense you any bad advice.
good luck! :}

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