Just wondering if i could enjoy herpes?

i fooled around with a guy who said he has herpes simplex 1, he said he had lil red bumps, but hasnt have them in over 6 months,so he hasnt had a break out since then....we fooled round, he be naked, and i was in my underwear (which be a thong so it moved some) and then the other day we went skinny dipping....we didnt enjoy sex, and we didnt do oral.....so my question is, could i get it? if he said he hasnt had a break out within over 6 months? and we didnt have sex
Emzy is WRONG. Herpes can be spread even when there is no outbreak. It's just more contagious when there is an outbreak.

The simple answer to your grill is that yes, it's possible, but not likely that you have herpes.

In order to take it "down there" you have to have contact down there, significance that if he has oral herpes (cold sores) that he would have to go down on you.
If you didn't have oral or regular sex with this guy consequently there is little to no chance that you could get it. There is still a fate that herpes can be passed on with out an out break, but you would have to have some type of sexual contact or skin to skin contact (preferably with an out break) order to get herpes. Herpes is not nouns born, it doesn't survive in fluids, and it's not going to just jump out of his skin or the and or spring into you while you were in the water together.
If your worried consequently keep an eye out for any unusual symptoms down stairs and get tested if you think you hold an out break. If not you will have to wait 3-6 months after this incident to get a blood experiment for herpes done.
Hiya from what I have just read up it is not contagious if there is no outbreak! If he have an outbreak and you have skin to skin contact then yes you are highly promising to catch it as it is very contagious!! Hope this helps
Herpes can be spread next to or without an outbreak. If he has oral herpes u can catch it from kissing him or if u receive oral sex from him. However if he does enjoy genital herpes as well, rubbing up on him skin to skin can pass the virus. Having one type of herpes, oral or genital, does not mean that u own the other.
Cold sores are HSV1. Did he say he also has genital outbreaks? Usually genital herpes is HSV2, but it's possible to enjoy HSV1 below the waist. If so, the outbreaks are usually not as serious s HSV2 would be.

To answer your question, something called viral shedding takes place prior to the outbreak of a cold sore or genital herpes blisters. During that time, even though nil is visible, the virus IS contagious. So, yes, it is possible that you were exposed. If he only have a cold sore (which is not considered an STD), then the worst you can get is a cold sore. Most of us have antibodies against it from person exposed to cold sores when we were kids - some family member kissing us not knowing it be a virus. Even the name doesn't sound contagious, but it is. Since most of us have antibodies, we don't necessarily draw from the cold sores. Our immune system fights them, but if our immune system becomes overtaxed/stressed, we are likely to enjoy an outbreak. I know it's a lot of information. I'm going to give you 2 links that you can save and read masses times to learn about herpes and other STD's. It's information you will need for the rest of your influential sex life - 50 or 60 years :-).



Read, learn, and have a glad life. Source(s): http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/herpes-…


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