Will the H1N1 shot be sheltered within the long run?

I know the risks of NOT getting the shot, I just want to know that if this is a new shot, how do we know that it won't have side effects that won't show up years next?
I don't want to say one day "I'll never be able to move my arms and legs and any kids I will own from now on will have 3 eyes.... But at least I didn't win the swine flu!"
.....know what I mean?? I see things on tv like "if you took ___ and sence later came down with _____, call us attorneys"
how do we know they won't be doing that near these shots? I mean they WERE kinka in a hurry to get them made and tested.
Nobody knows the adjectives. Its a gamble like anything in this world. Its your personal choice after reading adjectives of the available information we know now. I personally will not get it.
Great run on sentences. The H1N1 flu vaccine is out of danger and effective. The influenza virus mutates often and varies from a benign entity to sometimes a pandemic. The more exposure you enjoy to vaccines the milder the symptoms will be thanks to your T cells.
The most up-to-date news is that the vaccines won't be out until October. Peak Flu season starts in Sept. We will not be allowed to give a shot to somebody who is already sick.

There are other risks with any vaccine. Sometimes you have to way the risks and your risk factor for getting the swine flu.

If you are in a job that deals next to the public, if you handle lots of money in your job, own children of school age, or are in public areas with lots of race the risk goes up.

This is hard to give an view on, because if I tell you wrong and something bad happens. Personally, I am not going to clutch the shot in the first round. I will waite about a month to make sure near are no side affects. I think I will be taking a big risk by NOT getting the shot, but I am leary like you.

Get your Doctor's opinion. Ask your Doctor if they are going to lug the shot :) Doc's are at high risk, because they are on the front line. See what they say they will do.
H1N1 is not even worse afterwards a common cold.

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