What is the best passageway to treat a 2nd point burn at home?

I have a pretty painful 2nd degree burn on the side of my arm.

I'll turn to the doctor if I have to, but I'd prefer to try and treat it at home.

What's the best way to help it alleviate?
apply Essential oil of Lavender undiluted to the distressed skin.

If the burn is bigger than a 50 pence piece (about inch in diameter) then you should go to hospital and take it treated because they can give you anti-biotics which will reduce the risk of infection. Though you might not want to see a doctor, if you get blood poisoning (septicemia) after it can be quite unpleasant.

Also, if you go to a doctor, they can make sure that you're not going to meander away with any complications.

In the meantime, keep it clean and cool. Cover it beside something that is not going to stick to the wound and put antiseptic on it - it will sting but it will help.

Personally wouldn't risk it and just grasp the doctor to sort it out.
Depends how big it is. If its crucial, go to the doctor.
If not, wrap it lightly with gauze so it doesnt return with infected.
Well here are some things NOT to do:

Don't apply rime directly to the burn, or you may damage the skin and just make it worse.

Don't apply ointment of any sort to the burn. Ointments block the infected area, and won't let it heal fluently.

Don't break blisters, or you may get an infection.

The best way to heal the burn is by applying a cold compress to it, or run it underneath cold water for a good 5 minutes or so. Apply gauze around it (not cotton) loosely around the burn. This will protect the burn from any more damage and maintain air out. If the burn really hurts, take an OTC medication, like Aleve or Advil to bring rid of the pain. If it gets worse, you should not hesitate to see a doctor.Other than that, your burn should treat naturally with time. :)
put frozen peas on it.it will help it alot
You can treat burns at home, but it's better to just go to a doctor. That way, you'll be sure that zilch will go wrong. There are some things you shouldn't do, though.

Don't put butter on it.

Don't put ice on it.

Don't leave it uncovered.

Just put the burn within water and go to the doctor. Yes, you fill a bucket beside water and keep the burn in it. Have someone you know drive you to the doctor. You can try home remedies, but it's better to seize medical help instead.
Go to your pharmacy and look for silver sulfide cream. Keep the wound covered. Burns acquire infected easily.
I adjectives my leg very very badly , i lift my handbag and the handle of the bag caught on a boiling kettle of water which poured adjectives over my leg. It was so painful. I had massive blisters the size of tennis-balls adjectives down my leg and just left it. Don't prick the blisters as the fluid inside it helps beside the healing process, just leave it and meekly wipe away the fluid. I never used any creams, nothing and it eventually dried and when the burning stopped [which took several days] i applied vit e oil on it . I was told by the DR not to smear anything on it but to tolerate it heal naturally. It was tight but healed and i have absolutely no defacement on my leg. The same happened on my face but that time i was given injections and a cream to apply to my frontage. It dried out the skin and looked awful but healed well and yet again no scar. I think you should at least have the DR run a look at it and advise you.
Take care.:)
The best way to heal a 2nd degree would be to use Silvadene and the single place you get that is from the doctor, but if yo don't want to go the doctor hold on to it covered for the first couple days, if it boiled up, then don't pop and let it drain on its own, once it has drained afterwards put Triple Antibiotic Ointment on it and put a piece of gauze and wrapped it up. Let it air out for a couple of hours a day.
If it becomes red and clearly hurts you or if there is white puss come out then get to the doctor as soon as possible.
Rinse with Cold Water apply a burn ointment and wrap it losely and bring back your butt to a hospital ER on the double! 2nd degree is serious business and needs to be professionally treated in hurry. I get the fact you don't or may not like going to a Dr /Hospital because of the expense etc. But its' worth it because too many wicked things can happen with a burn like that. if it isn't treated properly. So acquire your butt to a doc and quick.
God Bless and be safe.
I burnt my paw badly about a week ago and it has heal nicely-- keep it under cold water for a while, and next put some burn cream or some neosporin (or something like it) on it, like gob it on there for a few days- try to hold on to it covered as much as possible- after about a day or two you can probably uncover it but hold on to putting the ointment on.
There are some good burn treatments that have a lidocaine plinth (which is a strong pain reliever) that are over the counter at Wal-mart. The one that I know that works well is Burn Jel Plus, and it cost about $5. It is surrounded by the pharmacy section where the pain sprays are located. It will give a hand, it is used by restaurants and such for cooks that get bad burns. My daughter is a kitchen manager for Carrabba's and she swears by it. Source(s): Registered Nurse
preserve an antibiotic salve on it and keep it clean if it starts looking worse run to the doctor don't fool around with getting infection in your arm
dont touch it. just leave it. burns are best off beneficial on their own. dont apply ointment or anything , just leave it. Source(s): ive have a nasty 2nd degree burn on my leg and i leg it to heal by itself, and the repossession process was fine and problem-free.
first off you enjoy to get the heat out of it before it will switch on to heal. use ice. The ice will form you feel like screaming at first. do not put any kind of lotion on it until you get the heat out of it first. If it is still painful that resources it is still burning. Ice, ice and more ice. You can also soak in a tub tub filled with cold water. Is it blistering. If it is; be especially careful not to pop these blisters. it is best if they dry up on there own. If they pop it just routine it will take longer to heal. Keep it clean. You can start applying burn medication after the fire cramp is out of it. i had a second and third degree burn and went to the emergency room and these are the steps they followed beside me.
Like how did you get the burn
1. Hot metal, hot water, stove try to preserve it cool put an ice cube on it
3. If you have bubbles on your hand Go to the Doctors
I hear salt helps..
butter on the burn. it helped me next to a large 2nd degree and a small 3rd (try not to catch the motor cycle your working on on fire)
DO NOT PUT ICE ON THE BURN. It may raison d`être further damage via frost bite because your skin is weak.

Wash it with cool dampen for 5 minutes and antibacterial soap.
Afterward wrap it in a sterile gauze bandage.
If the pain is doomed to failure take pain relievers.

I heard toothpaste can help out too =S. If the burn is small.
I also heard that raw potatoes help as in good health. Source(s): http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/first-a…
ice and neosporin Source(s): :D
Drug stores have burn cream that will help beside the pain. Also things like neosporin will help but be sure that you dry-clean it thoroughly with soap and water. Don't use any kind of hydrogen peroxide, this will merely make you scar and not heal properly. It is a misconception that it is worthy to kill bacteria, and it does effectively kill it, however, it also warp and kills healthy skin cells.
You unambiguously need to go see a doctor. No home way to treat that.
Get a cloth with water, try room warmth or cold, and put it on your arm. That should take the pain away. Then try putting some ice on it. If you do this every week, it should restore to health fast. Thanks for reading!
put cold towels n make sure ur arm is in cool temp. cuz if its in hot afterwards it will hurt rlly bad.
Treat burns in the following ways:

Cool the burned area with moist, verbs, cool cloths.
Rinse with tap water, and verbs with soap and water.
Apply a layer of Silvadene cream ( silver sulfadiazine) morning and evening. (Do not use Silvadene fundamental the eyes.) Cover with gauze dressings. Clean off all Silvadene cream next to soap and water with each dressing revise.
Blisters may rupture. Remove the dead skin with sterile scissors and tweezers.
Flush chemical burns with marine until all burning pain has stopped. Remove adjectives contaminated clothes.
Oral antibiotics are usually recommended to prevent infection. If infection develops, continue antibiotics for at least 5 days after all signs of infection enjoy gone away. Let the doctor know about any drug allergies so the right antibiotic can be prescribed. Some oral antibiotics can cause sensitivity to the sun , so use a sunscreen (at least SPF 15).
Pain may be relieved beside 1-2 acetaminophen (Tylenol) every 4 hours or 1-2 ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) every 6-8 hours. Source(s): webMD
no idea :P
Use ice sparingly, also in some way to the skin.
Invest in some burn cream
Make sure you do not irritate the skin or go out in direct sunlight.
Make sure to drink plenty of fluids during this time, your body desires it, and will actually lose fluid through the skin.
your priorities right now are:
a) prevent infection
b) avoid pain
c) support renew damaged area-use Source(s): http://www.hmc.psu.edu/healthinfo/b/burns2.htm

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