I ring the swine flu hotline but adjectives I get be crackling?

Someone told me that joke...i dont get it..
Explain pleaase?
Crackling is the sound of static on a phone line

Crackling is the identify of roasted pig fat

Bad pun really
It's not a joke!
The virus "mutated' and it very soon is spread through the phone lines.
lol that's my take on it
And please do the american people a favor?
Dont ever call that hotline again and if they try to inoculate you?
Take em off at the knees! OK?

If you need to contact them, for information or medication.

Call them again, the crackling could of late be a bad line or connection.

I own added links for you. They are only UK numbers though.

Hope this helps

xx Source(s): Medical Student




Why is this in Infectious Diseases??

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