3 lumps surrounded by my glands what could it be?

Firstly i had a lump behind my ear on the bone, and it started to spread down my neck, it started to travel down, then i found a another lump on the back of my head close at hand my neck and another one in my collar bone. i think at hand all near my lymph nodes
If they get bigger and maintain growing get to the docs asap.If not go and get them checked out anyway simply to be sure your health is in order
It does nouns like your lymph nodes are swollen. Have you been ill not long? The lymph nodes around the neck and back of the head will swell and enlarge near upper respiratory tract infections, colds, flu etc. It can take a few weeks for them to shrink back down to normal size again. Sometimes infection can settle within the lymph node (this is called acute lymphadenitis) and this will make the node very tender to touch-nodes that attain this can stay quite large for a while because of scarring after the infection goes.

If you are sensation otherwise well, keep an eye on them and see if they go stern to normal size in a few weeks. If they don't get them checked out a short time ago in case, but in young-looking people, glands swell very frequently. Source(s): I'm a doctor
I don't know what it is but it doesn't sound good to me so i'd simply get it checked at the doctors.
Its nil. Forget about it.
It sounds like your lymph nodes are swollen. Have you only just had some kind of viral infection? Viral infections commonly cause this. Basically, distribute it a a few weeks, if it doesn't go down or and/or you feel unwell in the meantime, see your GP. Source(s): Registered Nurse

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