Can you die if your gallbladder isn't working?

I just need to know...
Yes and no. You can live perfeclty normally without a gallbladder.

However, a blocked gallbladder (caused by stones, etc) can motive a back-up to the pancreas, causing pancreatitis, which has a very elevated fatality rate.

So, the answer is: yes, a malfunctioning gallbladder can kill you, and
no, you can live perfectly fine without one at adjectives.
Cholecystitis; Choledocholithiasis; Bile duct stones

Most people get better from episodes of acute cholecystitis within a few days to a few weeks. Rarely, a person can become critically ill from a complication, such as gallbladder perforation, cholangitis or pancreatitis and within a few cases the condition can be fatal.

Removing the gallbladder prevents cholecystitis from coming back. Rarely, gallstones may remain hidden surrounded by bile ducts to cause other problems after surgery…

The most serious complication of acute cholecystitis is infection, which develops in about 20% of cases. It is extremely insecure and life-threatening if it spreads to other parts of the body (a condition called septicemia)

An estimated 10% of acute cholecystitis cases result in a perforated gallbladder, which is a life-threatening condition. In nonspecific, this occurs in people who dally too long to seek help, or in general public who do not respond to treatment.

Once the gallbladder has been perforated, misery may temporarily decrease. This is a dangerous and misleading event, however, since peritonitis (widespread abdominal infection) develops afterward..

In conclusion, the gallbladder is not an essential organ, and its removal is one of the most common surgical procedures perform on women. It can even be performed on pregnant women with low risk to the baby and the mother. The primary advantages of surgical removal of the gallbladder over nonsurgical treatment are eradication of gallstones and prevention of gallbladder cancer.

Because you're in great pain esp after a fatty meal; you should without delay see your Dr. to avoid the aforementioned fatal complications. Source(s): professional nurse
solitary if infected, obstructed, acute situation, that it needs removal asap. lots of people live without their gallbladders... if infected, won't know how to tolerate pain very long. Source(s): nurse
Actually yes, it's possible. If left untreated, acute acalculous choleycystitis can result in a pulmonary bile embolism. And acute or chronic choleycystitis can lead to sepsis. Source(s): I'm a nurse.

Yes it can, you need to drop by your GP as soon as possible.

Hope this helps and you feel better

xx Source(s): Medical Student

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