How long must I dawdle for the gluten to bring out of my body?

I just discovered that I'm allergic to gluten. I just started cutting it out of my diet almost 100%. But I be just wondering, how long does it take gluten to get out of one's system? Like how long do I enjoy to wait for my moods to improve and my lethargy to walk go away and my weird stomach pains to end?
First of adjectives, attempt to cut out all gluten -- not just almost 100%. Are you allergic to gluten or have you be diagnosed as having celiac disease which is an intolerance to it.

Anyway, back to the question. The gluten will be out of your system inwardly a few days to a week but you have to get it all out of your diet. Now as far as when you will surface better. That varies from person to person. Probably the stomach pains will start going away first, next the lethargy will lift and the moods will improve. Some things you can do to comfort yourself heal is to take a good multivitamin (gluten free should be on the sign -- I get mine at costco) The vitamin will help replenish what your body has be missing because of the damage to your intestine. Also an Omega complex capsules would help within the same way.
So hopefully within a few months you should be reaction much better.
Good luck

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