I dont know if my dog have a pimple or what is it?.. does anyone own a clue please consent to me know...?

i dont know if my dog has a pimple or what it is on his balls and one on each side of the inside of his legs they look close to pimples the ones from the inside of his legs are very light pink cant really see much because of his hair and they arent so big... the one on his ball is bright pink it feels like a ballwhen u touch it kind of intricate but looks ;like it has pus in it..does anyone enjoy a clue of what it might be? im very paranoid hes only 6 months hes like my son so i dont know if im a moment ago very paranoid or maube it can be something else... anyone who has any thoughts please reply.. thanks
Certainly need to pocket dog to vet asap. some dogs get mast cell tumors and they can die from these, could be something else from lying on ground/grass/carpet or other. does he eat/drink/bathroom ok? or hesitant or surrounded by pain? cries out when peeing or other? the earlier the better to treat, than wait , could be more costly, financially or the dog's life span... certainly don't want him suffering... don't squeeze it, dogs feel pain, simply like we do...
try Merck Vet manual online, but, go to Vet any way... Source(s): RN
You need to take the dog to a vet. He could hold been bitten by fire ants if they are prevalent in your part of the country. It can also be a twisted testicle so it is best to be sure something like what you are dealing with. You should be able to rub a lttle antibiotic ointment into the nouns . Just watch him so he doesn't lick it off.
I own two female Pugs and they tend to occasionally get pimples on their faces sometimes. The breeder told use when this happen though you should just leave the pimples alone. Just keep checking on the dog and see if they give the impression of being to go away, if not and your worried you should probabaly take him to the vet. They should know how to see what they are and if needed give you medication for them.
its prob a cyst. do NOT pop it! go to a vet.. cysts are not dangerous to your dogs form my dog has one himself.

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