What are the probability of this person Lymphoma?


2 year ago, I've noticed that one of my tonsils were swollen. Just one. It hasn't grown at all since next.

Than about 5 months ago, I noticed Lymph nodes on both sides of my neck swollen. They be probably there before but I didn't notice up till consequently.

I have a bunch in my neck, 1 astern my ear, and 1 in my armpit. The biggest is about less than the size of a bottle hat. The smallest is about the size of a pea. Maybe smaller.

They're not soft, but not hard ither. They move around, and are completely painless. They're not noticible when my neck is straight, with the sole purpose a little bit when I tilt it sideways.

I'm sure it's not an infection, because I've had 3 blood tests done surrounded by the last year, and they've all turned out perfect. (I'm pretty sure if it be an infection my WBC would have been elevated). I got the blood testing because of things like eye pain, bone pain and small headache under the ribs (also had an ultra sound for my ribs, everything be fine).

I would like your HONEST opionion. Between a scale of 1-100 (100 being for sure) what do you guess my chances of this being lymphoma are?

Thank you soo much and I HIGHLY appreciate this. I will check back regulary.
I really, honestly deem your chances of this being cancer are small. My main plea is, lymph nodes affected by cancer don't tend to move around. Also, it's a great sign that your WBC count is normal, because at least as far as Hodgkins lymphoma go, an elevated white count is a symptom of cancer.

I wish I could for you, but I'm not comfortable giving a percentage on your chances because I'm not a doctor, but I really do think they're contained by your favor. :)

I still think it's important for you to see a doctor specifically for this though. You have like mad of them, and whatever is causing these swollen lymph nodes will continue to become more of a problem unless it get treated.

I wish you the best!
i had some similar things going on a few years back. lymph nodes swell for several reasons. they could also be permanently swollen because of scar tissue and will never walk down. i would think that if you had lymphoma you would have other symptoms: shipment loss, fatigue, rash, ect. ultimately you need to go to the doc to gain a proper diagnosis..

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