What happen when wound is not therapeutic at adjectives?

I had a repair for a large incisional hernia 6 months ago, following a hysterectomy and radiotherapy for womb cancer ( all removed).. The op go OK but then within a month I was rear in hospital with a wound infection and on IV antibiotics for two weeks. Since then, near has been an enormous amount of leak, lots of minor infections, I have district nurses change the dressing every day but sometimes it leak so much the dressing has to be c hanged by me ( not easy) in between times. I have an ultrasound scan a month ago which showed a 3cm sinus cavity deep in my abdomen and a pathway up to the wound, The consultant doesn't appear concerned, she says when the sinus closes the wound will, but it is showing no signs of closing.

I am told if it is not Ok by October, the consultant will have to ' go in' and settlement with it but it is unclear what will be done and why , if something could be done, it hasn't already been done. My abdominal nouns is very sore from all these dressings.

There seems nought on the net about this sort of thing.
Gosh so sorry to hear your suffering with this. I would read aloud that your consultant is not great if he is not telling you what your having done and why and if i were you I would find the number to his secretary and vote you want clarification. Look up what your rights are in terms of patient strength (PALS liaison service NHS is good if your in the UK). The only article I can think to suggest is Manuka Honey. Please google it and see what you think. You could take it internally or probably topical application may help you as well. Have a read about it and see what you guess. Source(s): http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/378786…
You need to boost your immune system following all the antibiotics which will enjoy killed all the good microbes. If I were you I would take a high dose probiotic supplement (high dose for a couple of weeks afterwards continue taking probiotic supplements for several months), a product called Yeast Balance which you can buy at http://www.detoxonline.co.uk (and the probiotic), a high dose of vitamin C (say 2,000mg), Essential fatty acids supplement, a moral quality antioxidant (again the best I have found is at the same site - it have 22 fruits and vegetables in it and 4 tablets are equivalent to five a day - quite expensive but worth it if it works) and a vitamin D supplement (lots of those are short of it right now). It would also help to take garlic supplements which are antibacterial, anti-fungal, good for your heart and your cholesterol etc. My mum have a big ulcer in the sole of her foot which persisted for several years regardless of what the doctors did. I put her on the above regime and the carbuncle was just about gone after a week or so, so it's worth giving it a jump. It's important that you eat a good diet too so no proper carbohydrates, sugar etc and plenty of fruit, veg and good quality protein and make sure you drink plenty of wet - it will all help. Good luck!
you may requirement a second opinion try a different hospital

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