so for a week now i guess my whole family is similar to itchy it isnt bed bugs we checked and it isnt chicken pox can some one help we have no clue what so ever what it is
Do you have a pet? There might be fleas surrounded by the house. If you're itching mostly your legs than most likely its fleas. You might have to call an exterminator.
It sounds like your family connections may have a bug infestation. Checking for bed bugs by using your eyes in ineffective. Bed bugs are extremely small and can hide surrounded by many cracks and crevices in both your bed, and also around your house. Although the name of the insect is bed bug, they don't in fact just stay in your bed, they live wherever you can not find them. By any suitcase, this sounds quite severe and I would suggest that you contact your doctor and let him or her examine your rash. It may be as simple as an alergic hypersensitivity, or as severe as a bedbug infestation or something else. Also, keep in mind that bed bugs are hard to wipe out so make sure you get an exterminator if it is a bed bug problem.
please go u all to check dermotoligest do not avoid this it's so serious.
You might try double rinsing your clothes within the washer. Sometimes these new detergents are so strong and if you don't rinse them well or add too much detergent they can variety you itch.
sounds like scabies better turn to a doctor
If everyone has a over-hasty consisting of little red bumps, then it could be either scabies or flea bites. If there is no unthinking and you are just itchy, then I am at a loss. Dry skin?

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