H1N1 is usually referred to as Avian, or as Bird Flu. It's actually part bird, part pig (swine) and slice human fragments of viruses all together. it is not transmitted by sex. However I'm afraid I don't understand your grill.

UPDATE: Got your message:
I haven't done a lot of research on H1N1 but I think the links below will tell you lots.
In nonspecific, for many people the symptoms will be just similar to any other "ordinary" flu. And in most ways it is like any ordinary influenza- explicitly, it can be a few days sicks, or it can lead to very serious symptoms, especially in the extremely young or the elderly or anyone with a low immune system. For some reason it seem to also attack young and healthy people especially.
From the 1st intermingle, about high risk groups of people:
" * pregnant women
* relatives with chronic medical problems, such as chronic lung disease, like asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and immunosuppression
* children and adults with size "

So, like any flu, it is *possibly* very dangerous to some race. By far most recover. It is also of particular concern because, since it is made up of the 3 viral components (bird/avian, pig/swine and human) human immune systems have not deal with it before and because of that it can be very efficiently spread, becoming a "pandemic". Many people think "pandemic" means that it is specially dangerous. It can be, but PANdemic simply means that it has spread around the world. So the concern is (A:) that masses more people will be or have been exposed to it. In that defence, there will be large numbers of people within the higher risk groups, not jsut in certain areas, but around the planet. (B:) That while it is not particularly more dangerous than "ordinary" flu (which sometimes is very treacherous to some people) right now, it could mutate and become very dangerous to more kind of people. A new "wave" of H1N1 infections is expected this Fall.

So, finally, to answer your message to me, the person who is infected beside H1N1 - IF they are infected - will show symptoms like any other person with a "flu". Some will be capable of function fairly well and just touch a bit bad, and others may be in bed and/or running to the toilet with diarrhea and vomiting, though those are more adjectives with regular flu.(check the links for lists of the symptoms). Source(s): http://pediatrics.in the order of.com/od/swineflu/…

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