I enjoy antibiotics for a UTI but I am afriad to lift them, what do I do?

I went to the dr. the other day and found out I have a mild UTI. My body doesn't counter real good to meds so I am afraid to take the meds the dr. give me. It says I need to drink a lot of hose down with it, what happens if I don't drink enough? What should I do?
take your meds.
Drinking lots of river will certainly help your symptoms, but it won't get rid of the infection cause your UTI. You say that your body "doesn't react well flawless to meds". What does that mean? Every med out there disagrees with you? I really doubt it.
If you weren't going to thieve the meds, why did you go to the doctor?
Just take them and if you have a problem, consent to your doctor know.
If you don't lift the antibiotics then the infection could and likely will get worse. It will go and get more painful, and it could spread to other parts of your body. You really need to take the pills, for your own strength.
As for the water, just drink a glass beside it and during the day drink a few more glasses, just to be secure.

If you are set on not taking the antibiotics, then you can go to WalMart or Target and get an over-the-counter medication called AZO- Cranberry. It is really good and your body will probably react better to it.
But you should be carefull and scrutinize for signs or the infection spreading. If you experience more pain and such, make sure you TAKE THE ANTIBIOTICS! Just to be safe.
Good Luck!:)

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