Loosing hope beside diabetes:?

My blood sugars are out of control and its making mef feel really depressed because Im trying to study to obtain the grades for prescription....I start studying next Tuseday..so I dont have much time....heres what happens....I wake up up with high blood sugars then after bfast I dance lo followed by a high...To correct my afternoon los I reduced my insulin! and then I went hi!!Im going crazy!!Im also afraid to exercise as Im not sure how best to do it and although Im aware this would be excelllent for my overall strength..I feel it complicates my diabetes!!Any advice would be appreciated.Im currently using a pump.
You might want to go back to the drawing board and start fresh with a re-vamped diet and insulin regimen. If your level are always up and down then its because they are simply out of control which happen when you play the guessing game with what you eat and how much insulin you clutch.

Have you worked with your Endo on the right sliding scale / insulin correction and carb ratios? Try adjust those on your pump.
Do you count your carbs and use the Wizard? Counting your carbs and proper insulin dosing is key to maintaining control. Otherwise you end up consumption what you want and either over shooting or under shooting your insulin.
Are you checking yourself enough, which should be when you wake up up, before and 2 hours after each meal, previously bed and anytime in between you feel you need to.

When you hold Hypos, you only need about 15 - 25g to bring it up. More than that will transport you from extreme low to extreme highs.
First off, not to insult Tyler"s ideas but u have to pay attention w/cleansing and detox agents if ur diabetic. Talk 2 a dr first cause these things are hard on your kidneys. Second, u need to consult any ur Dr or Dr's nurse and report ur sugar levels as done here.They know ur history and can better provide an insulin regimen. U may need a sliding scale to preserve it contolled or perhaps a fast acting insulin(not sure of ur regimen so its hard to say).Like I said ur vigour care team should be making these kinda decisions near you.Third, you can't lose hope with this disease.It's one you have to fight as best you can near what resources you have.It's not cureable yet, but it is treatable and in some cases preventable. I hope this help ya:-) Source(s): type 1 diabetic
ur levels could be big for a number of reasons one is stress exams will affect ur levels and so will stressing going on for ur levels u need to try and calm urself during ur exams
another could b ur diet if u r soaring in the morning u need to hav a lower sugar or smaller breakfast and keep drinking hose throughout the course of the morning which will lower ur levels if u still feels hungry try havin a healthy snack lik a salad
exercise is accurate and will also lower ur levels however dnt exercise too much an hour at te very max and always hav a sugary drink lik liquid and locazade just in case any usual sports r fine lik football tennis a run if fine u can do anything anyone else can do but u hav to make sure u hav a drink and dnt do it for an excesive amount of time
hope this helps
this is how my dad is, he and i are both type 1 diabetics, it sounds like you kind of own the wrong idea on how insulin works. Maybe you should get in to see a diabetes schoolteacher or if you dont have an endocrinologist, you should get one, and if you do, you should be in closer contact beside them so they can guide you, mine is on call 24/7 to answer any sort of insulin questions, or anything else. When you eat, food unanimously takes 2 hours to peak at its highest glucose point within your system, the fast acting insulin you take with your food, works contained by that same way, it peaks in your system surrounded by about the same time, so they work together. You should also be taking a 12 hour insulin 2x a day or a 24 hour insulin to work when youre not drinking. I take a 12hr insulin twice a day, where as most ancestors take a 24 hour insulin, but i was having problems near my morning sugars being high and the 12 hour insulin peaks after more or less 6 hours helping bring my morning sugars down. So that could be something you try to help those. If you go lo after breakfast you need to lessen the fast acting insulin you take with it, do it slowly, and you will return with to the right number as long as youre eating about the same amount of carbs for breakfast everyday. I assume your correcting the lows after breakfast, and your probably overcorrecting which is why its followed by a soaring, try to drink or eat less of whatever youre doing to correct the lows. You dont correct your lows near less insulin for your next meal unless you reduced your carbs for that dinnertime, if your still gonna eat the same amount of carbs you normally would for the afternoon, afterwards you take your regular insulin dose, since you still have to cover all of the carbs your in the order of to eat with your current insulin dose, your current lows come from your last shot, and any taking too much insulin, or not enough carbs. I think with a moment or two education and a better doctor you can get things back on track, I a short time ago think you werent properly educated, like my dad, and hold the wrong idea about carbs and insulin and how they work, which is vital to controlling you sugars, once you grasp all your insulin and sugar stuff figured out you need to return with back on the exercise train, at least walking everyday is vital to your condition when your diabetic, its good for your sugars, your heart, your blood pressure, you absolutely have to exercise. It can also comfort bring high sugars down. good luck to you! Source(s): type 1 diabetic
I have found consulting next to a diabetes educator on fine tuning my pump settings to be very beneficial. Sometimes what seems logical to me is merely the opposite of what I need to do and she helps me near that. I know how confusing,frustrating and depressing it can be. Best of Luck.

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