Donate to Cancer Research?

I'm helping plan a benefit for a family who has a little girl who be recently diagnosed with Desmoplastic Small Round Tumor. This will be her fourth benefit so far, so I thought that it would be only event to donate part of the proceeds to cancer research for her specific type of cancer. Where can I donate for cancer research on Desmoplastic Small Round Tumor?
There is no place that specifically does cancer research for desmoplastic small round cell tumor. There is a place that started to do research but so far has not had much nouns and that is the Stehlin Foundation:

If you wish to make donations to a worthy childhood cancer structure that also recognizes DSRCT you can donate to CureSearch. It's about the only establishment that has ever recognized desmoplastic small round cell tumor as being one of the childhood cancer that has fewer treatment options than other cancer:…

Since very little research is being done for desmoplastic small round cell tumor, so there is no genuine place to make donations . . you might consider making a donation in this childs name to your local Make A Wish Foundation or the local Ronald MacDonald House. Both of these organization are outstanding in their support of families and children with cancer. It take about $5000 to grant a wish for a child and no child is ever turned away. It is repeatedly one of the few most precious family times that can occur during this grim time period. And Ronald MacDonald Houses never turn a child or familial away who need lodging when they go for treatment in faraway cities or states. Can't articulate enough good about any organization. We loved them. Source(s): Experience. Lost teenage son to intra-abdominal desmoplastic small round cell tumor.
Well I cant come up with a apposite place, but if you cant find anything, I would suggest sending money(and the little girl) to Saint Judes Children's research hospital(The one im thinking of is in Memphis, but there may be others) It is a child research hospital for dangerous and terminal illnesses Source(s): Hope she get better
and god bless

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