8 Bug bites on one arm...?

I was sitting in our car when we be headed to get some food and nothing be wrong with me. After we get out of the car i own about 8 bug bites on one arm and only one. They are smallish perfect circles. No dscolorization. They do itch but I be wondering what these might be? I took into consideration a mostiquito but i would have seen it in the motor because they usually are quite big enough to see. Actually around the bite they are starting to turn a little red but the bite its self is still skin color. Like i said not that big and multiple looking adjectives the same.
Nobody else in the car have any bites whats so ever. And i ended up getting 8...they were all surrounded by for the same amount of time and there were 4 other associates in the car.

Any ideas of what they couild possibly be?

Contact a doctor if they start hurting.
They could possibly be hives or an allergic reaction. Sometimes I wake up and see a fail-safe white circle surrounded by pink on my arm or even on my face. They may itch a little, but not as much as a mosquito bite. They go away soon after that. If not, afterwards perhaps consult a doctor. Normally I wouldn't bother, but if there EIGHT of them that don't go away, consequently you really should. Hope this helps!
Honestly, it sounds resembling the work of an Asian Tiger mosquito. I'm not joking. The bites are tiny, and usually are more pale than the surrounding skin.
This type of mosquito, which came surrounded by from Viet Nam in a load of car tires surrounded by a boat that docked at the port of Houston, have spread though at least two dozen states.
They feed 24 hours a time. They are tiny. I have been bitten by some that are as small as a gnat. When you smack one, it looks like you enjoy a smudge of dust on you because they are so tiny (some are).
Just search google for "asian tiger mosquito", and you'll learn enough to really upset you. Source(s): I've had West Nile virus, and I am an entomologist.

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